What Am I Inspired By?



To start off, this blog is to document the inspiration from the natural world and how it relates to fashion and beauty. I’ll show parallels between the beauty of the details in life and the interesting things happening in the fashion industry. Mostly, this is a space to let creativity grow, and to share with you what I’m doing in the process.

I took these pictures after we had our first snow storm of the year, and the next day was so warm that fog crept in and the snow started disappearing. I went out to get pictures of it before it was gone and found a beauty in the marsh-like environment that is not usually seen near me. It reminded me a lot of the Anthropologie Winter collection from 2013. Although the holidays are over, it’s still winter and there’s still beautiful images here that really connected with me!


(all images from Anthropologies 2013 Holiday Lookbook)

What I love about these images is there is a romance to them, a dark and slightly gothic vibe that is intriguing and beautiful. The snow on the ground and on the sides of the house are harsh, but that contrast of the scarves piled up makes us feel like we need to be cuddling them by a fire.

I know spring is coming, and I’ll have some spring related/inspired posts soon. But for now, let’s appreciate the beautiful of the final weeks of winter.





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