4 Reasons You Should Be Reading WWD


If you’re interested in fashion or if you work in the fashion industry, Women’s Wear Daily is considered the Bible. Going to school as a fashion major, I’ve had professors time after time tell us how essential it is to read. For those who don’t know, WWD is a news source for all things fashion related, or anything that would affect the industry. They publish new articles every day and keep people up-to-date with designers and collections.

Whether you are a stylist, a designer, a fashion journalist, or anything else is the field, WWD is an important thing to be subscribed to (or even just to look at every few days.) Here’s why:

1. You’ll stay informed.

Too many people don’t understand the affect that things happening in our world can have on fashion and clothing. Anything from the stock market to advances in green energy can change things in the fashion cycle. By staying up-to-date with news, it will give you a better idea for what is happening in fashion and why. This goes with any line of work, and it will help you navigate through your job.

2. You’ll learn about new designers. 

The best part about our industry is that new people are constantly entering it. The world is huge and there are amazing talents out there waiting to be explored. It’s possible you can find these off of the news spotlight, but hearing about up-and-coming designers will give you knowledge about where fashion could be heading in the future. The classic design houses will always stand as the ones people look up to, but it’s the innovation that keeps us going. It could also help you land a job with some of these people because you could approach them while they’re still small. WWD gives amazing coverage on shows happening all over the world.

3. You’ll get inspired. 

News sites don’t have the best reputation for being the greatest form of entertainment. But reading about interesting things happening in the world of fashion is always exciting, and could point you in a new direction. 

4. You’ll gain professional knowledge. 

Similar to number 1, except that what  I mean is, it could really boost your reputation with bosses and those higher up than you if you can talk with them about what is happening in the industry. Those who are operating the top tiers of the work place know what is going on, and they’ll be able to tell that you know what is going on too. 

I hope this gave a little bit of insight into WWD and the importance of staying informed about current events, not just in fashion, but in the world. You don’t have to only read WWD either, they are simply the publication I was taught to read. There are amazing resources out there that can really let you in on what’s going on in fashion.




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