Emerald Gardens


Yesterday, I spontaneously went to a flower and garden show in Hartford, and I was in shock at what I found.


There were garden exhibits, vendors selling magical treasures, and flowers, flowers, flowers. It was enchanting and overwhelming to be around all the scents and sights in this place. The whole experience was whimsical, and not anything that I had expected. I didn’t even know this event existed, but it was the 35th year of operating!


When I saw these lanterns at a vendor table, I was drawn from across the large and busy room. This was actually a whole tree full of  branch bulbs and butterflies. There were also hanging blown glass and terrariums galore. It took hours to get through all the booths of people.



My favorite exhibit by far was the one with the piano and water coming out of it. I tried to get a shot of the details, but it just doesn’t do it justice. I returned back to that spot time and time again to gaze at it. The moss on the benches and the ivy covering everything was simple enchanting, there is no other word for it. There were also a lot of other huge garden set ups that were breathtaking.

I hope this is an inspiration for doing things spontaneously and finding treasures like these near you. With the beautiful weather yesterday and the smell of flowers surrounding us, spring was truly in the air.




PS. Camera quality is not great, and I apologize. I was using my point-and-shoot because I left my camera at school.



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