Color Focus: French Gray


I believe gray is the color of mystery. It’s the color of in-between places. It’s the metaphorical idea of having no rules. There is adventure to the color gray, as plain as it may seem. Gray has always been one of my favorite colors.


I’ve noticed as winter is making it’s exit and the days are seeming longer, there is a beautiful time in the evening when the sun is down and the sky still reflects a cool hue of gray before going dark.


The type of gray I’m focusing on is French Gray, a violet tone that is a cool neutral. The best part about it is that it doesn’t take attention away from your focus, like the delicate details in flowers.


My favorite kind of days are the ones where you can’t see the sun. There is a comfort in feeling like the clouds are insulating you into your own world. Gray skies leave you daydreaming about stories and fairy tales you remember reading so long ago. I love the way these tree branches are reaching into the air, trying to break through the cloudy atmosphere. Most of the time, the most beautiful shades of color come from nature.


What are your opinions on this shade of gray? I adore the way it looks at this time when life is trying to bloom again into spring. My favorite clothing is also consisting of gray, mostly because it’s easy to wear. I think I’ll continue doing a “Color Focus” series on new colors that inspire me.

-The Happily Gray Heather


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