Since I’m on spring break, I’ve been wearing super comfortable outfits.


This sweater from Forever 21 is so comfy, and warm enough that I could wear it without a jacket in this 60 degree weather! I love the rust color, and I know that it’s more of a fall color, but I still prefer it. I wore it with my boyfriend jeans from Urban Outfitters. Overall, it makes for a cozy and easy outfit. I’ve paired my purse with it because, well, I pair it with everything.


To keep everything that much easier, I’ve also been trying to put my hair up in different ways. Most of the time that means buns or braids, but today I actually combined the two. I braided pieces of my hair into a low bun for a just-put-together style. Having bangs means that you can get away with having your hair back a lot since your bangs make it look like you’ve done it. I pull pieces out around as well to frame my face.


More Outfit Details



Handmade quilted bag, assorted rings, Forever 21 sunglasses (very old), Neutrogena make-up remover, Seche topcoat. 


“Bright Ideas” notebook, Owl mug, Skull Candy headphones, English Tea Shoppe Sleepytime Tea, Handmade leather wallet.

Can I just say I’ve been really enjoying having a cup of tea and writing down my ideas for blog posts and other things. I’ve taken over the marketing for my mom’s business, so there’s a lot of creative endeavors that need to be mapped out. I find that having a space to listen to music and shot things down is comfy and therapeutic. The Sleepytime Tea is awesome for people that have insomnia like me (I’m in a constant state of exhaustion).


How have your weeks been? As I’m in the middle of my last break from school, I’m trying to balance between work and leisure time. I’m excited about the new things I’ll be doing for the summer, but I also want to stay in pajamas for as long as possible (do you feel my struggle?). Luckily, the weather is warming up and I can get outside some more for fresh air. I have a very exciting post coming up for tomorrow that I’ve been waiting so long to do! I went to a very special store and took some great pictures, so stop by if you want to check it out.



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