Hanes Tee – The Perfect Shirt


It’s getting to be that time in the year again where the days are warmer but the winds are unforgiving. My most basic answer to this problem is layers, layers, layers. I got this pleated skirt from Forever 21 and it looks kind of dressy, so I wanted to see how casual I could make it. Hanes T-shirts are special, they have memories in them and they carry comfort around on our backs. Putting on a roomy, worn-in shirt is the equivalent to getting into your familiar bed, only you can wear the shirt out and about.


I tucked my shirt in and rolled up the sleeves (though they didn’t stay that way very long). Gray is one of my favorite colors (I even did a whole post about it) and for me, it’s the perfect neutral. Navy, coincidentally, is my other favorite neutral.


With spring comes the inevitable push for me to be nicer to my skin. In the winter months, I often neglect skincare routines and half-hazardly throw on moisturizer, but in the spring, I can feel my conscience asking, “Shouldn’t you do a little bit more?” This means taking a little bit more time, time for my body and my skin. This Korres lotion is the second one that I’ve gone through, and it was given to me by a good friend who had great taste in body lotions.

Details of the Day:

Shirt- Hanes

Skirt- Forever 21


Boots- Target


Assorted Rings 

Feather Hair Clip- Francesca’s 

Wallet- Handmade


Thigh High Socks- Urban Outfitters

Body Lotion- Korres

Micellar Water- Simple

Mascara- Benefit

Perfume- Jorel Parker

MAC Fine Liner Brush

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette


How have you been surviving those days where you want to curl up in something comfortable? Since I have so many presentations and projects at school, I often need to find the balance between put together and still cozy. This sometimes has less to do with the softness of the clothing and more to do with the age of the clothing. The amount of times you’ve put something on and felt like it was your second skin. It helps stabilize me through the craziness of classes, meetings, taking pictures, and so on. It makes me feel like I’m always at home.

“Watch carefully,

the magic that occurs,

when you give a person 

just enough comfort

to be themselves,” 

-Harper Lee




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