The title of this most might surprise you, because it certainly doesn’t go with the corresponding images. That is, in fact, a wool coat I am wearing. And while the winds howl and I dream of a time when April meant that there would at least be (just some!) patches of grass outside, we are getting further into spring. This is an odd time for me. I’m graduating soon, and the pressures of life seem to be falling on me steadily. But there are moments when I wake up and remember to enjoy every day, even if I’m blinding from the sun reflecting off of 3 inches of fresh snow. In April.


This very demure picture is me deciding if I’ll need an extra blanket on my bed tonight.


I talk about gray a lot (and I’m so sorry about that) but doesn’t it kind of lift an outfit up? Under this coat, I am wearing literally all black. My shirt, skirt, tights and boots were black. And yet adding this coat was a nice little statement that was timeless and neutral.

Let me know about your transitional wardrobe in these odd times. As for me, I’ll be reading in the very warm library.


“April was too lonely a month to spend alone. In April, everyone around me looked happy. People would throw their coats off and enjoy each other’s company in the sunshine—talking, playing catch, holding hands. But I was always by myself.”
— Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood


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