Coming Up Roses | Royal Rose Hydrating Serum Review


Recently I started using this Royal Rose Hydrating Serum by the brand Valentia that I am now obsessed with. Before this point, I had actually never owned or used a serum. A lot of them were very expensive, and I had no way of knowing if they would actually work. This, however, does work wonders and I’m so glad to introduce it into my beauty routine. Since it’s alcohol free, paragon free, and uses 98% natural ingredients, it is a very trusted product to be putting on your face. Also, for those of you who check for these things, they are also 100% cruelty free.


When I first started using this, I actually made the mistake of thinking it was also a moisturizer because that’s how creamy and hydrating it felt on my skin. I use one pump, (although if my skin is feeling extra dry I use two) and smooth it all over my face after I’ve cleansed in the morning and at night. After letting the serum dry, I put on my normal moisturizer.


The best thing I’ve noticed about my skin after using it is that I don’t have patches of dry skin on the sides of my face near my ears the way that I used to, and as soon as I put this product on, I can tell that it’s working.


Another great thing about this is that it seems to soothe my irritated skin, especially if I have some sort of breakout.

I am really impressed with this product and I am even considering buying more from this company because of the way my skin feels. If you want to check out their brand, visit their website here. You can also buy the product through Amazon here.


-Heather (With a much more hydrated face)


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