Moisturizing For Spring


Now that our bare legs are (almost) ready to be revealed with the good weather that is hopefully coming, I’ve been focusing on moisturizing my body. I’ve been using a few products that are awesome for this, the first being Burt’s Bee’s Peppermint & Rosemary Body Wash, which is amazingly refreshing and always leaves me feeling squeaky clean. I’ve also been using this body wash from Not Soup Radio which is really awesome and has funny little saying on their packaging. Both of these leave my skin ready for moisturizing. However, there is one step you can add, which is a body scrub if you feel you need to exfoliate. After my shower, I use a body lotion, and this one by Korres is my favorite.



Let me know what products you’re using to get ready for the warm weather. Now that dresses and skirts will be worn without tights, I guess it’s time to prepare! I’m looking for some new lotions, so give me some suggestions on scents/brands that work well for you. I’m always open to new ideas! I’m dreaming of a time when it might be warm before May. We’ll see.

-A Hopeful-for-Spring Heather




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