Embellished Collar | OOTD


I got this collar about three years ago at the Yankee Candle Factory Store in Deerfield, MA. It was before I was going off to college and while it was very expensive, my mom bought it for me because I said it was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen (and it was). It has an assortment of buttons, jingles, and knick-knacks all sewn on, and it latches in the front, so it can go any shirt you want.


The top of the fabric is actually a black lace, and the bottom is a thick felt that keeps it on straight, no matter what fabric you’re placing it over. I’ve worn it to formal events, and I’ve dressed it down as well. There is something timeless about it, probably because it looks like it’s from another time. It’s quirky, and every time I wear it, I got many compliments from people who ask where I would find such a thing. I love it, because it makes a plain outfit a bit more fantastic, and I love it because it reminds me of the day when me and my mom first laid our eyes on it. I hope I can cherish it for a long, long time.


In other news, you can see here that I’m having a love affair with gold. As the sun is filtering through my windows, I am encourage to stack on gold rings, bracelets, necklaces, and I can see that a lot of my other favorite items have hints of it as well.


I’m getting ready to bring all my plants home from my dorm and safety back to my house. It seems strange, since the only home they have known is in Boston. It feels odd that they will soon be sitting on our porch or in my bedroom. They are tiny, living reminders of the time I’ve spent at school, and for that, I am grateful. Looking around my dorm and knowing I only have a week and a half left in it, I admired all the collected items that have accumulated, and I feel bittersweet that they’ll have to move to. But everything changes, and I’m happy for the transition that’s coming.



Let me know what you are up to, and what plants you are planning on getting for summer. So many nurseries are opening soon as Mother’s Day is approaching, and I’m already planning where we will plant things. I can’t wait!



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