Woods, Woods | Periwinkle Gray

During my last Sunday at school, me and my friend went out for the day. I brought along my camera because while it was a little rainy, the overcast sky was perfect for pictures.



This is about ten minutes from my school, which I feel quite lucky about. It’s on Cochituate Lake, and the moody sky reflected beautifully on the water. As spring showers are coming down, I’ve been noticing a new shade of gray that I love: Periwinkle. This is sort of a violet/blue shade that’s toned down to be grayish. p2

The water was so peaceful, and all around the lake were tall and gorgeous trees. p3p4

We also went into my all-time favorite store, Anthropologie. Fun Fact: The Anthropologie in the Natick Mall is one of the only ones (or maybe the only one) that has a corner window display. This beautiful painted wall was behind the window and I thought it matched that gorgeous color that I was focusing on. I’m always amazed by their displays, and I love that for spring they are using a painting theme. It reminds me of rainy days, which tend to be my favorite kinds. Walking through the store, I was happy, but it was bittersweet that I might not be going back there in awhile.

They had beautiful plants out and so many dresses. It was hard to contain myself (as always). I actually bought a mother’s day gift and then poked around at their eccentric furniture. The store always inspires me, even if I don’t buy anything (and most of the time, I don’t). It’s soothing to be around such beautiful and happy things.



It was quite a nostalgic day for me, but a good one. It was the first Sunday in a long time that i tried to stay out all day and make the most of it. Now that almost all of my work is done for school, I can revel in my last days here. Hopefully I’ll have time to take some more pictures since everything seems to be blooming right now.



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