3 Healthy Things You Can Do Today


Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to talk about easy ways to add healthy habits into your life. I actually uploaded this yesterday, and something was wrong with my files, so some of my pictures weren’t showing up. Here it is again, and I hope you like it!

Being healthy is sometimes just really hard. Especially as someone who used to be a college student and is adjusting to life at home, I find myself trying to make better choices every day. I graduated from college over the weekend, and besides continuing to look for jobs, it got my thinking about other things I need to do this summer. One of those is changing my lifestyle. I’m not an incredibly unhealthy person, but there are definitely improvements that can be made. Some of these things are small, like the ones I’m sharing with you today.

  1. Add more fruit to your diet

This seems easy, and honestly, it is easy. The hard part is actively going out and buying the fruit. Sometimes it can be expensive, and it’s better to go to farmer’s markets to get them.

The main idea is to add a little bit of fruit to things throughout your day, whether it’s in your yogurt, your water, or even your dessert. It’s always nice to indulge, so if you want to make something tasty for dessert, try refreshing things like strawberry cheesecake or a cake with raspberry filling. Adding fruit to your water is also a nice kick of flavor and will encourage you to drink more water as well! Fruit it delicious, and sometimes it’s hard for people to commit just to eating more vegetables. Fruit is an easier start.


Another thing you can do, just eat a bowl of fruit! If you make yourself a little fruit salad, you’ll be eating healthy things and it’s a fun snack. We just bought a lot of strawberries, oranges, lemons, and blueberries. There are so many recipes you can make with these. It’s all about finding what works for you.


Sometimes when I read, I like to have a snack, and having some fresh strawberries next to you as you read is a perfect combination.


Down the street from my house, we have a great little farm that sells fresh fruit and vegetables. We gone very once in awhile for a treat, and it always inspires me. Now that summer is around the corner, there’s a lot of pies and tarts that I want to make. Fruit screams summer. Fruits are sweet and colorful and fun.


2. Eat oatmeal for breakfast

This also seems easy, and yet I always go for some cold cereal. Oatmeal is hardy and delicious. It’s the kind of breakfast that you have when you have a long day ahead of you. I personally love heating up the water and preparing what I’m putting in my oatmeal. When I made this, I used brown sugar, maple syrup, and honey. It just gives you a lot of energy, and even more so if you’re adding fruit to it.


There’s something about having it on a chilly spring morning. I think it might be considered comfort food. Oatmeal obviously tastes better when it’s cold and you’re preparing for a nice, warm meal. But surprisingly, it’s been rather cold where I live, and it’s the middle of May! It’s healthy and tasty, so it’s an easy thing that you could do this morning. Sharing it with someone else is equally as nice.


3. Have 15 minutes to yourself

This might seem like the easiest healthy thing you could do today, and yet, it would probably be the hardest to follow through on. Every day is busy, filled with work and tasks. Even the times that we don’t have work, we find ways to keep ourselves busy. It’s in our nature, and it’s ok. However, there has to be some time that is dedicated to you that you can take and do whatever you want with it. It could be reading a book, taking a walk, or (as I do) admiring flowers and nature.


The truth is, for your body to actually be healthy, your mind has to rest. Relaxing can give you insight and space to think about your day. This is a process that should be repeated every day, over and over, until you are used to giving yourself time. If it seems impossible because your schedule is insane, try going to be 15 minutes early, and waking up 15 minutes earlier.



All three of these things are just the tip of the iceberg for being healthier. There are obviously many more ways to do it, some small, some big. But this is a first step that can get you thinking in a better way. In the meantime, I’ll continuing eating fruit, eating oatmeal, and taking some time for myself every day. Let me know what you think and what tips you have to add! Hopefully by the summer, I’ll have a much happier and healthier lifestyle.

Talk to you soon,



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