Take A Ride With Us


This was our first bike ride of the season, and I took my camera along to snap some pictures as we went.


As a kid, me and my brother and our friends were always on bikes and playing outside. There comes a day when you just don’t do it anymore, and it’s a shame. I decided to put my bike to good use and to adventure onto the bike trail. Since the trail is pretty close to our house, we rode there, and right down the street was the gorgeous meadow of yellow flowers.


On the trail, me and my mom kept smelling a beautiful scent that we swore was a certain flower, and after smelling about five different flowers, we still have no idea which one was so fragrant. They made for nice pictures though, and there were many kinds to admire in the woods. The wildlife in the forests is so peaceful to ride or walk through, and it’s a wonderful time to disconnect from the real world for awhile.



Have any of you been out to ride your bike yet this year? Let me know your favorite places to go and favorite times to go. We’ve been walking in the morning, but we went for our ride around dinner time, which was fun and different.

I’ll talk to you soon,



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