Elephant’s Trunk | A Flea Market Adventure


Yesterday I went to Elephant’s Trunk, which is a flea market in New Milford, CT. If you’ve ever been to the Brimfield Fair (which we frequent at well) it’s almost like that, but much more calm and casual.


Apparently the doors open at 4 a.m. for venders, and it officially opens at 7 a.m. every single Sunday. We got there rather late, so a few people were packing up in the middle of our visit, but it was amazing to see the variety of items there.


I think flea markets are exciting scavenger hunts, and although we were actually looking for something specific, you just have no idea what you’ll find. There were an alarming number of chandeliers (making me wonder if there had been some sort of electrical uprising recently?) and rustic windows. I myself got some vintage buttons from the man that sold my mom a box of old milk bottles.


I’ve noticed something else about flea markets, the best booths are the ones where there is a bunch of unrelated junk. These people tend to not even know what they’re selling, and if you poke around you can find some serious treasures.


I also ended up getting a succulent, which was a lot of fun because a few of mine died recently (I’ve been busy!). The fun of being around a discombobulated array of stuff is just exciting. I loved eating from the food trucks, peering into old trunks and fishing through vintage jewelry. The area that this flea market was in was a pretty cool town with beautiful surroundings. You can see below that they venders were literally set up in a field surrounded by trees. The weather was beautiful and the best part was, we didn’t feel rushed, so it was a relaxing day.


The funny part was, in the morning we were sure rain clouds were coming. As we drove closer and closer to the flea market, the sky opened up to rays of sunshine. We smiled happily as we got a very bad parking spot way at the end of the space, and we didn’t even mind. We got what we came for, and a little bit more.

There are actually a lot of flea markets around me, so I’m quite lucky, but I would say if you could get over to Elephant’s Trunk, you need to do it! But going to any flea market (or even a tag sale) near you can be inspiring. Antique shops are another fun exploration, though they can sometimes be more pricey. If you want a weekend activity that feels more like an adventure, look for some of these amazing places.



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