Forest Walks



Yesterday it was an incredibly stormy day, the kind of day that doesn’t usually happen in June. It was actually cold and windy, and the chill came in through the windows and lingered in the air. I had been planning on going for a hike, which seemed completely out of the question once a downpour started. The rain and wind didn’t let up for a few hours.

After lots of tentative looks outside the window, it seemed like it was clearing up. I put on my shoes and got my camera, and very much expected to get wet while I hiked. On the drive there, the clouds started to lift, and once we parked and got out of the car, the sun was starting to shine. It was a perfect time for pictures because everything had been freshly doused and every plant and leaf was shimmering. You might think that going for a hike after a summer rain is uncomfortable and probably not ideal, but it was wonderful. The ground was a bit squishy, but the moss that surrounded the woodland floor was lush and vibrant.


One of my favorite parts about this park (which is McLean’s Game Refuge in Granby, CT) is that there are bubbling brooks running through the forest. The sound of it is enchanting and it adds something to the hiking experience. After the rain, the brook was full and rushing, and we stopped for awhile to admire it.

The water was crystal clear and there was green surrounding every bit of the water. There is a little bridge that you can cross before entering the park (at least from the entrance we used) and you can pause and look down the length of the brook, which runs alongside a trail. We then took a left onto a green marked trail that took us winding through the trees and up a few meadows and hills. It was magical and peaceful and exactly what was needed after such a violent thunderstorm earlier in the day.

I think one of the best things about going for a walk or a hike in the woods is that it gives you time to think. There is a piece of your brain that can turn off and not worry about what to say to people and how to present yourself. You are in another mindset, walking through the woods, and that is the only thing your brain needs to think about.


Bonus to walking in the woods: we found a lot of salamanders! There were quite a lot of orange spotted ones, and they were beautiful. Some were running around together which was adorable. It gave us good reason to watch our step.

Have you gone for a hike lately?

“Forests will always hold your

secrets, for that’s what forests are

for. To separate and hide things. To 

protect, to comfort, to hold, to envelope,

to demonstrate, to slow down, to hold,

to teach. Go to the trees to explore

your questions and dreams. Go to the

trees to desire and seek. The world 

will listen as you walk, watch, soften, 

and breathe”

-Victoria Erickson 


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