A Day With Props


Hello everyone!

As I’ve been doing more photography lately, I have been putting lots of effort into finding great props.

One great prop that always looks good is a succulent. You can get these anywhere that sells plants, and since they are so popular, there are lots of varieties! I have picked some up at IKEA, garden shows, and grocery stores. They have cute little containers for them, and you can even report for a terrarium, which look amazing in pictures.

This little succulent was actually from a flea market!


Another great prop to use is a candle. I think I’m a bit of a candle hoarder, and this one is very expensive (Diptique candles will leave you broke) but it’s oh-so-lovely.


Another prop idea is kitchenware, which is odd but very effective. Seeing a mug or a bowl gives a more cozy feel to a photo. I got these bowls from IKEA and I’m obsessed with them because the color is a beautiful blush pink. I also have silvery trays and antique silverware that is a great addition to a scene. All these colors matched up rather well with my pillow, which I was very pleased with!

That brings me to my next great set of props: beds. I love looking at cozy photos of beds next to windows with billowing blankets and fluffy pillows. It gives an intimate look into an interior, and you feel like you could climb inside of the picture and lay down.

I generally put some sort of reading material into my photos as well. Lately it’s been the new Bella Grace Magazine (summer issue), which is a shameless plug because I have a fun little article in it. But I also love putting old books that we get from antique shops or tiny books of poetry. There is a used bookstore that just opened in the town next to me, and I’m ready to browse and see what unique books are in there as well. Whenever I see a book placed somewhere in a picture, I always wonder if that person actually read it or if it’s just a trendy book (i.e.: How To Be Parisian, Alexa Chung’s It, etc.). I can confidently tell you that I read every single book!


I really need to gather more small plants like this one because one of my favorite props to use was my greenhouse that I had at my dorm.

When I got home, I kind of dispersed my plants and now there’s nothing to put inside. I’m thinking of getting some on-sale herbs and things to start using the greenhouse again. Anything that adds life to a picture is my favorite type of prop. I’ll hopefully be getting a new pot for this little guy since it’s grown quite a lot in the original container.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my day of organizing photography props. I certainly have a lot more that I didn’t show, but this isn’t as much of an in-depth display. I might do a separate post on all the different ones I have. Since I work for a wedding stylist, there are lots of unique items to use! Let me know what your go-to props are.



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