Hello Everyone,

When I started focusing on photography more, I started understanding that the most important things to take pictures of are details. I guess that seems self explanatory, but sometimes you forget the point of seeing everyday details. A lot of times, pictures are staged, which is a great way to have control over the picture you want. However, sometimes the way things are placed are perfect on their own. I started looking at the beauty in my day-to-day life, and a snapped some shots.

I talked about this in my last post, but I’ve been spending a lot of time at the library. It’s like some magical place that had been hidden from me for all these years, and the thing that was hiding it was my ignorance to the fact that libraries are cool.

I went to get some more books for my next Book Club post and fell in love with the poetry section. I guess that’s kind of bound to happen, because while you shouldn’t judge a book my its cover, poetry books tend to be beautiful. There are a few libraries near me, and this one is the one where I get most of my books. Instead of going in and rushing about to find my books, I took my time and really looked at the place. It was just fantastic.


The best thing is when a library is odd or quirky or old and strange. This one isn’t as old as some of the ones I’ve been in, but it does have an odd layout. It makes it fun (and a little hard) to find the book you want. I suppose it might get old, but it feels like an adventure to scan the walls and nooks for my stories.

Right now I’ve been trying to challenge myself with doing more things and ultimately keeping my mind open to opportunities. I guess at this time, that means appreciating the beauty of a simple library. And I’m ok with that. I left that day with only one book (but more are coming) and very satisfied with myself for bringing my camera. I guess I’ll have to carry it around more.


The next day, I tried to get into the motion of doing the same thing and looking at what was already around me for pictures. I have a pretty forested backyard and I went over to the edge of the woods because there was some strange sound coming from the trees and I was investigating (in case it was a UFO or something). I didn’t find anything, but I did see some gorgeous moss and plants covering parts of the ground and logs. I ran along to find my camera and snapped a few pictures. I realized that logs might be one of the most interesting things to take pictures out of anything else, ever.

I’d love to work up the courage to go into the forest, to just walk in right behind my house. But there’s poison ivy and tall grass with ticks and mostly I’m a coward. Maybe soon I’ll put on a pair of rain boots and trudge through. I think I could get some beautiful pictures if I took the plunge. In the winter it’s much easier to see through the trees, but it’s also freezing and whatnot.

I know this sounds crazy, but looking at the trees and details of the moss and forest, I had an unbelievably longing for autumn. I know that it’s only summer but I just love the fall. I’m counting down the days till August (surprisingly, not that many days) and waiting for the leaves to change. I just love that time of year. I’m trying to let myself enjoy this too, but what can I say, I’m impatient.


I’m also waiting for more rainy days so that I can hopefully get some pictures of the fog. It’s been dreadfully sunny and warm (yes, you read that correctly) and I’m itching for a thunderstorm. All my plants are dry and dwindling and I don’t have the energy to keep watering them in the heat of the day. Please, Mother Nature, throw us some rain!

The one great thing about summer that I have to admit to is that the forest and plants are lush and green. They would be more lush and green with some rain, but I’ll take it.

How have your summer days been treating you?

Talk to you soon,



One thought on “Details

  1. All of these are lovely, Heather. Books, of course, are my fave! I love pictures of libraries almost as much, but not quite, as visiting them. I can almost smell the room in your second photo. =0) Keep on keepin’ on, Girlfriend.

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