It seems like the easiest thing for me to wear for the hot summer months besides the uniform of shorts and a t-shirt are skirts and a t-shirt. I’ve been trying to switch up the combination with different tops. This one is tried and true. I got it such a long time ago that the label in the back is worn and I have no idea where it’s from. But I love wearing it with my black skirt, and my jean skirt goes just as well. The lace that hangs off the shoulders gives the illusion of a t-shirt, but it’s light and airy.


Also, I’m debuting my short hair on here!

A few weeks ago, I cut off all my hair. Well, I cut off eight inches of hair. That’s kind of a lot. I wanted something new and different than I’ve ever done before, and I love this length.

There’s some caramel highlights in there too, which were a bit hard to put in but were worth it. My hair was so dark before that lifting the color took a few hours. I’m amazed at the difference of effort that goes into styling it now. Last night I took a shower and blow dried it, as well as straightened it, and it took me (in all) about an hour.


As I was taking these pictures, I looked down and saw the most precious little mushroom that I’ve ever seen (probably). We don’t get a lot of mushrooms with color around where I live. I had to fight many mosquitoes to get my camera to focus on it the right way and actually take a picture, but it was worth it. It was very tiny, so I’ll have to go back in a little while to see if any more have grown. It looked like the beginnings of some were sprouting.

I took these in the woods behind my house and it made me wonder why I’d never attempted to take more pictures there. I got eaten alive by mosquitoes but the backdrop is wonderful. Next time I’ll consider it for an outfit post.

I’m still waiting on a rainy day for more outdoor pictures, and tomorrow might be the day. There’s apparently a big storm coming so I’ll do my best to go out and shoot. Also, my plants will be very happy! I’ll be announcing another project coming up soon as well. It’ll be a kind of longer-term thing that any readers can join in on.

What have you guys been up to? Let me know how your weeks have been and how your plants are holding up. Is it as dry where you live? I’m looking for some more opportunities for pictures of fog. If you have any inspiration for foggy/misty pictures, let me know! I love finding new blogs and tumblrs, etc to inspire me.



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