Discoveries | July 8th, 2016


Hello everyone,

I have a few more “discovery” links that I wanted to share with you. This involves a recipe and some interior decorating. I can’t help it, those are my favorite things.


Vanilla Cinnamon Iced Coffee by Dixie Crystals

Ok, I can’t put into words how delicious and wonderful of an idea this is, so just click the link.


Scandi Style Plant Stand by Apartment Apothecary

As someone with a ton of plants and succulents galore, this was so inspiring. I really need to make space in my room for something like this!


Light & Color in a Penthouse by Mario Buatta

The pictures in this are breathtaking. If you’ve ever fantasized about what your penthouse apartment would look like in NYC, this might be a good place to start. For a New York penthouse, it doesn’t look very much like New York. It looks like a dream.


Let me know what you’ve come across lately online. I love doing this series on here to share some cool links. It forces me to read and explore the blogging part of the internet much more!




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