Open Contributions for Next Magazine


When I was working on my other blog, I made a digital magazine and published it for people to view for free. It was so much fun to make, and I had some contributors send me some things that they wanted to include in the zine. I love going to see what other people have made, and I want to create a fun mixture of things for my first one on this blog. None of it is paid or will need to be paid for, it is all for fun and expression. It’s also a great way to make new friends!

I will be working on some material to include in the zine all the while. I have a few ideas of what I’d like to include. I hope you will submit some material if you’re interested!

The theme for the first Heathermoors digital magazine is going to be “Celebrations”

Some contributor ideas to submit to the zine could be:


-Styled photoshoots


-Food photography

-Personal writings

-Product advertisements

-Interior shots

-Color stories

-Clothing designs

-Dessert ideas

-Tips and advice

-“Get the Look” series

-Book recommendations


As I said before, the theme for this zine will be “Celebrations,” and that can be whatever celebrating means to you! It could be celebrating the things that make you happy, celebrating ourselves, or celebrating the every day. All ideas are welcome, and you can send any submissions to my email at:

I don’t really have a deadline for these submissions yet. I think when I get closer to having my material finished, I’ll put up another post and let everyone know a date to end contributions. I hope you will all put things together that inspire you and even if you don’t send anything, you can look forward to reading it when it’s done. I’m excited to be making this for my new blog and really trying to make it my own. It should be a really fun experience.

Talk to you soon,





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