A Day Braving The Heat


So, it’s pretty hot out. As I’m writing this, it’s a muggy, rainy day, but the day that these pictures were taken was a sunny, dry, very hot day. I had forgotten about these pictures and I thought it’d be nice to put them up. A few days ago I actually took a little break from blogging and going on social media because it’s the dead of summer and I just wanted to have a few days of distance from it all. It reminded me of when I was young and on school vacation.


Another thing about this very hot day that I experienced, it also brought back the memory of when I was first in my dorm last fall. I remember it was so hot that we were sweating with all the windows thrown open. I bought a little fan from Target, but it was no use. I was ready for fall clothes and the weather had other plans for me. I was looking at my board (that is now by my bed) and saw all my pictures and memories from school. It made me come to the realization that I would not be returning to school in the fall, like I have every year since I was four years old!

That was a pretty weird feeling for me.


Here’s the other thing thought: I’m working on a lot of great things. And for once I can experience fall and have fun with the season without worrying about school. I’ve got a lot of great projects going on, I’m working with my mom and creating wonderful things, and I’m picking up a lot of new hobbies. I’m looking forward to the next chapter, which is inevitable. Yes, in the middle of the summer, I was anticipating (and reminiscing) about fall.

My mom bought these amazing daisies for my friend Daisy who came to stay with us. The colors are beautiful, aren’t they? My mom is the flower queen, and she’s always bringing fresh florals and plants home with her. It’s because of her that this blog has any flowers in it at all.

I thought the striking colors of these were jaw-dropping. It’s the perfect shot of what summer looks like to me.

How are you bearing through the heat? I know everyone is going through crazy weather patterns right now. Our area is actually in a drought! I live in New England, so that’s a bit strange.


“When you do things from your soul,

you feel a river moving in you,

a joy.”



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