Most of the books I’ve been reading lately have been Victorian era or inspired. I love this time period.

Something about the Victorian era though, everyone had long hair. The girls did, anyway. I  just cut my hair pretty short. I was trying to find ways to have that romantic Victorian style with a shorter hair cut. I’ve been pulling my hair into a tiny ponytail and then parting it in the center and looping the tail part through. It gives it a bit of a twist and looks pretty elegant.

I have these greens and flowers that I dried and I think they dried quite nicely! I was inspired by the gardens in the Victorian style and put a few in my hair. Obviously you wouldn’t walk around with them in your hair (unless, of course, you really wanted to). But I enjoyed the way it looked for inspiration purposes.


I also have these hair pins that my friend got me last year for my birthday. They are gorgeous and still very simple. I like the look of gold against greenery. They held some of the tiny leaves in place. This can also be done with bobby pins or something like that. As long as the branches stay in your hair.


Here are the many styling products used to create a smooth head of hair. Obviously not all of them are hair products. I’ve been using a hair milk after I shower to smooth the frizz that inevitably occurs. My hair is wild, even when it’s short.

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of inspiration. If you have any other short hairstyles that I can try out, leave them below! Also, any more Victorian book recommendations/movies would be wonderful. I’m on a bit of a kick with them. I just re-watched Crimson Peak and was blown away by the costumes. I’ve been dreaming of them every since!

I’ll talk to you soon,



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