Cup of Tea | 22 Things I’ve Learned in 22 Years


To some people, 22 years old is very young, and to some, 22 years is very old. I feel both quite equally. Coming to terms with graduating college and figuring out what I wanted to do with my life can be described with one word: overwhelming. Along the way, I’ve gathered some tips and tricks on how to get by. Some of the words are borrowed, some are self taught.


  1. Give up on negative thinking.
  2. Don’t knock it till you try it.
  3. Put your phone down when you’re with other people.
  4. Adult relationships require extensive time and effort.
  5. Stop gossiping.
  6. Keep people’s secrets.
  7. Cut back on sugar.
  8. Order extra cheese on fries. 
  9. A drama-free life is a good thing.
  10. Stop procrastinating.
  11. Unpack your bags immediately (or it’ll never get done).
  12. Eat before grocery shopping.
  13. Don’t hang out with people who constantly compare themselves to you.
  14. Don’t make fear-based decisions.
  15. Put yourself first. 
  16. Be honest with your parents.
  17. Drugs aren’t worth it.
  18. You’ll always make mistakes.
  19. (Best thing I learned from a breakup) “Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge” – Don Henley
  20. Spend your time with the right people.
  21. Live in the present.
  22. Believe you’re ready to get to whatever is next.


Let me know what your best lessons learned have been. I’d love to hear some more helpful quotes!


Some closing thoughts…

“Be a woman other women can trust. Have the courage to tell

another woman direct when she has offended, hurt or disappointed 

you. Successful women have a loyal tribe of loyal and honest 

women behind them. Not haters. Not backstabbers or women who

whisper behind their back. Be a woman who lifts other women.”

-Sophia A. Nelson


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