1. 15 Ways to Improve your Instagram Engagement 

This is such a well-written post. I had been feeling a little discouraged lately with Instagram (as a lot of people were) and it inspired me to take some tips and step up my game. Interacting with others on the app is such an important thing to do!

There were also some tips about your feed and how you should behave on Instagram. It gave me some excellent insight. Really well done post!

2. Blueberry and Lemon Thyme Galettes 

So, recently we bought way too many blueberries, and it’s something that I do very often. I’d been looking for a good blueberry recipe and this one looked perfect. Blueberry and lemon go together in the most lovely way. Recently, I made lemon cupcakes with a strawberry frosting. This has got me thinking I should have used blueberries instead!

This blog never disappoints, and this time she really delivered an excellent recipe. It looks so delicious in the gorgeous and crisp photos!

Lately I’ve been into the more “rustic” recipes as well, so this really did it for me. Hint of Vanilla is such a wonderful blog that I also encourage just browsing through the rest of her recipes as well. It really makes me want to get my life together and make some pastries. The photos and writing are beautiful. Seriously check this out!


That’s all I’ve got for this “Discoveries” section. I can’t wait until fall starts picking up and I can share the wonderful things across the blogosphere that are celebrating. As for now, I’ll be getting my scarves in order. I know that it’s only August! But autumn is so close. I am itching for it to finally get here.



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