Quick Room Tour


Hello everyone!

I took a few quick pictures of my room to show you what the main parts that I use look like.


This is the main part of my room, with my bed right in between two windows. I hung sheer curtains on a string and strung it across the foot of the bed to section of that part. It was something I always saw and loved the idea of, so this is a very DIY version. I have my mirror there next to my nightstand, which is stacked with a few books for reading at night. I also have my candles to light at a moment’s notice!

You can also see some pop figures there on my table (Kylo Ren and Sirius Black). I have lights from Target layered across the bed to light up the area. This is the coziest part of my room, and I spend a lot of time here!


And this is the desk where I do everything else. My makeup is in the drawers, as well as my art supplies and writing materials. I do work on my computer here, I draw here, and I write. It’s important to have a nice space to do your work in.

A few things on my desk that are really special to me are my old Polaroid camera, my photos, my recipe box from Rifle Paper & Co. and all the wall decorations. All of the added touches make it feel like home. A lot of these things were hanging up in my dorm, so I like having them here with me. It’s truly my “happy place”.

That’s all I have for a quick little tour!

I’ll talk to you soon,



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