Lush & Illuminating | Favorites of the Month: July


Most of my favorites this month are things I’ve had awhile, but some of these are new! I’ve had good skin most of the time and I give credit to these products. I’m also trying to use as much of my “summer” makeup as possible, because fall is coming, and I can’t wait to switch to fall colors!


Palmer’s Gentle Daily Cleanser

I use this about 2-3 times a week with my Clarisonic, and it is really nice! I always try to use a smooth formula, and this leaves my skin so soft and smooth.

Clarisonic Mia 2

This is so gentle on my skin without doing too much damage.

CoverGirl LineExact Liquid Liner

This is the best drugstore liner I’ve used in a long time, and the color is very black. At first I wasn’t sure about it because you have to really shake it before use. But it is so small and travel friendly, I don’t mind having to shake it up before applying. It’s so handy! It goes on as more of a gel than a liquid in my experience, but I have a lot of control with the handle.

Maybelline Baby Lips Doctor Rescue Lip Balm in “Soothing Sorbet”

I love using this right after using my lip scrub. The Doctor Rescue range has menthol in it and really helps with dry lips. And geez, my lips have been dry. This has been a lifesaver!

Lush Lip Scrub in “Mint Juleps”

I try to use this every once in awhile since it is such a deep exfoliator. This is my favorite flavor of their lip scrubs and it makes me feel ready to put on whatever lip color I may choose. If you haven’t tried these, go out and get one! They aren’t super expensive and they last a really long time.


Beauty 360 Illuminating Daily Moisturizer

I’ve been concentrating this around the sides of my fave where I get dried out. I am so impressed with this stuff!

I was using a really expensive moisturizer and had to pick up a cheap one when I ran out, and I can’t get over how well this does the job.

It’s very light, but that’s what I like about it. Some of my others have been so heavy and it feels like they are clogging my pores. This is very natural, and it contains sunscreen!

Disposable razors

This makes shaving so, so quick.

Leon Max Reading Glasses

I got these from my eye doctor back in December and they aren’t any fancy designer, but they are really cute! I love using them to work or read, the tortoise pattern is classic.

Movie Favorite: Crimson Peak

I really, really loved this movie, and I watch a lot of scary movies. I rewetted it a few times and I’ve concluded it’s one of my favorite horror movies ever.

The story is inspired by Jane Eyre and Rebecca, and those are some of my favorite books. The costumes are gorgeous, the setting is beautiful, and the acting is superb! I could watch this over and over. Since it’s getting to be spooky season, (I know, too soon…) this is a great recommendation to get you in the mood. I’ll be watching this every weekend until Halloween…

I will also say, if you are usually scared of horror movies, this one isn’t really bad. There is some gore, but it isn’t like watching a torture movie (a la Saw) and it’s done really well. The ghosts are more artistic than realistic, and in my opinion, everything Guillermo del Toro touches is gold. _DSC0214


That’s about it for this month. I’m aware that this is a bit late for a usual favorites post. At least we’re still in the early days of August! I have a feeling I’ll be doing more favorites now that we’re getting closer to Autumn. I’m generally much more inspired during this time.



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