Book Club: August 11th, 2016


I just finished the book The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray. I had been wanting to read a book like this for a long time. The setting was gorgeous, set in England during the late 1800’s at a girl’s boarding school. This is the third book in the series, and I had never read the first two. I know that sounds terrible, but this one seemed far more interesting to me!


The only negative thing I will say about the book is that it’s very big, with a lot of story going on, and sometimes it feels rushed.

Besides that, I loved it!


I had been wanting to get more reading done, but this is quite a long book. It took up a lot of time! I would recommend it to anyone who likes period books, books about magic, or coming-of-age books for teenage girls.

“Power changes everything till it is difficult to say who are the heroes and who the villains.”
― Libba Bray, The Sweet Far Thing


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