Hello everyone,

It has been pretty slow on my blog lately, and that’s because a lot of things have been going on. I was having health problems at the beginning of the month, followed by a vacation, followed by coming back to lots of work. Because of all of that, I felt pretty emotionally exhausted, even after oversleeping most mornings and taking many afternoon naps. I think that I may need a little bit of time away from my blog (and the internet in general) until my work load slows down. As some of you may know, I work for a wedding stylist, and this is prime wedding season, so we have been working away every day to get things done.

While I take a small break from my blog and probably from Instagram, I’ll be focusing on working and taking some time for my own writing. I also will be working on things for my digital magazine, so if you’re interested in contributing, send me an email and check out my post about it here. 

I hope to be back relatively soon, with a well-rested mind and fresh ideas.

Talk to you later,



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