3 Ways to Refresh for the New Season


September is here, and as the solstice changes, so should we!


Since I’m not going off to school, I have time to actually integrate myself into this season. I don’t have too many other distractions after our weddings next week that we are setting up, so I have been trying to clear my space and hit refresh. It’s a lot harder than I thought it’d be.

The main thing is, I have a lot of things I need to let go of.

Resetting yourself is sometimes really necessary, and in this case, I have to explore new things and forget some things. That seems to be the best way to move forward.


I was thinking to myself, “Maybe if I made a list, then I would get it all done.” And so I made a list.

The thing with the list though is that I expected it to be very long. I thought I’d be writing for an hour trying to get down all the things that I expected to be done this season. Instead, I sat and tried to think critically about it.

I also tried to think rationally. I came to the conclusion that I really only needed to try and accomplish three little things in order to really refresh myself. So I jotted them down and thought about if they were easy. And they seemed easy enough. Some of them I have started trying to accomplish already. Some of them will need some work.


So here it is, my list of 3 ways to refresh yourself for the fall. We are right in the beginning, so you have plenty of time. They are easy, simple, and many different positives can come of them. Here they are:

  1. Clean out your closet

Basically, this is what I’m putting off. But I know for a fact that once I just do it, I will feel good. The reason why we don’t just try and pull of this daunting task is because it takes so much time and effort. You can’t casually clean out a closet, you have to do it with gusto and honesty. That has been what keeps me away, only skipping in there to get my clothes, and then running in the opposite direction. My goal this week is to just clear it out.

2. Leave behind negativity

It’s easier said than done, and I think it’s self explanatory, so I won’t go into it anymore, just let it go. (James Bay is playing somewhere in the background)

3. Try something that you’ve never tried before

This is another difficult one because we hear it and we say, “Oh yeah, I can do that.” And then we never do it. For so long I’ve been wanting to make a picnic and bring it to the park while I write. It’s a cute concept in my head, and yet, I never get off my butt and try it. One new thing that I’m trying is I am joining a writing group, and our first meeting is this week!


And so, that is it. Three simple and easy things that could possibly help you feel refreshed and new this season.

You can check out what I’m doing on Instagram, Tumblr, or Pinterest if you’d like! I’ll talk to you soon.



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