DIY Witchy Succulents


So, my succulents have really been getting too big for their pots. For about a month now I was looking for a pot to put them in to save them from wilting or simply falling out of their containers. I went to Michael’s and got so inspired by the spooky Halloween and festive Autumn decor. I decided to get some terra-cotta pots and paint them up as new homes for my little plants.


Here’s what I bought:

  1. 3 terra-cotta pots and plates underneath (you need pots that have a hole for drainage)
  2. White acrylic paint
  3. Metallic gold acrylic paint
  4. Cactus soil

(I used my own paintbrushes)

Here’s what I did:

  1. Paint the pots and plates white (it took about 3 coats with completely drying in between)
  2. Drawing the designs I wanted in gold (For the drips I looked up Halloween blood pictures and copied the way they fell. For the stripe, I tried to draw a straight line all the way around the pot. The last one I painted little dots, stars, and moons randomly around the pot)
  3. Let the gold dry completely and do 3 good coats of the metallic gold
  4. Once everything is dried, fill the bottom of the pots with some rocks for drainage
  5. Put a little bit of cactus soil at the bottom of the pot
  6. Take the succulents out of their holders and squeeze the soil and roots to loosen the dirt a little bit
  7. Fit them inside the pot and move them around until they sit correctly
  8. Fill in the rest of the pot with cactus soil and pat down the top
  9. Water when the soil gets dry!


It was really as easy as that!

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Talk to you soon,





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