Autumn Playlist (Pt. 2)


Hello everyone,

I did a post a little while ago with my official Autumn Playlist. Well, I have another one. My last one was when summer was settling down and fall was emerging, so the playlist featured a lot of folk and softer-toned tunes. Now, it’s just straight up cold outside. Somehow, this has changed what I’ve been listening to. I decided to upload a second playlist with some of the current music I’m listening to (and plan on listening to for awhile).

Before I share that, I want to just put it out there that I went to Anthropologie recently and was blown away by their fall products. I am always blown away by them, but this year is just magical. The western vibe mixed with cozy knits is everything I love and more. I picked up their home catalog and then I received their fashion catalog for October in the mail. It is stunning. I cut a few things out of it for a moodboard and I’m constantly fawning over the pictures.

For me, visuals and music go together extremely well. I love how you can incorporate them together, perceive them in new ways, maybe find new ways to love an old song. To be honest, most of my favorite music is of the folk variety. This year’s fall fashion totally mirrors the folk vibes, which I appreciate tremendously. But for some reason, even as I put on turtlenecks and vests and fedora-style hats and high-necked blouses, I’ve been listening to alternative music instead. Alt music used to be all I listened to, and now I’m falling back into it.

I think there’s some sort of balance here. I love both styles and I’m sure for winter I’ll revert back to only Bon Iver albums. But for now, I’m enjoying my more upbeat music. I’m happy to share it with you.


Another thing that goes with Alt music pretty well? Leather and denim. And that’s basically all I’ve been wearing! This season has been the season of denim on denim, which is kind of hard to master. But I’ve been mixing the two together and pretending I’m hanging out with the Arctic Monkeys.

Mixing soft fabrics with leather and denim is also another one of my favorite things to do. It softens the look, or maybe toughens it up, depending on how you see it. Unfortunately, it’s a little hard for me to listen to rock and then flip right over to something really soft. Most of the playlist I’m showing you is the same kind of music, song after song.

Sometimes I have a theme for my playlists, but this time it was just, “What am I truly listening to right now?” It’s only called “Autumn” because technically we are in Autumn so I am marketing it that way. I think they have a fall vibe, personally.


My favorite spot to listen to these songs is while I’m doing something in my room, working on a project, or going for a run. They all have really amazing beats to accompany energetic activities. I think it’s also a great driving playlist, personally. Let me know where you listen to your favorite songs. The only time I probably wouldn’t listen to this stuff is at night, or I’d be up much later than I should be.


This is also very tentative.

I like adding to my playlists, so this might change over time. I also have a terrible habit of making a playlist, loving it passionately for a short time, and then abandoning it completely. I burn through music and need to give it a rest sometimes. But everything here is tried and true, song that I’ve listened to for awhile and loved. I hope you like it.

Ho Hey // The Lumineers

Stubborn Love // The Lumineers

Trouble //Halsey

Heartless // Kris Allen

R U Mine? //Arctic Monkeys

Time To Pretend // MGMT

Do I Wanna Know? // Arctic Monkeys

Islands // The xx

You // The 1975

Howlin’ For You // The Black Keys

High Enough To Carry You Over // CHVRCHES

Alien Days // MGMT

Oblivion // Bastille

Someday // The Strokes

Prey // The Neighbourhood

Something Good Can Work // Two Door Cinema Club

Everything Ss Everything // Phoenix

Life Is Simple in the Moonlight // The Strokes

Face It // Beach Fossils

Coming of Age // Foster The People

Got No Love // The Kooks

COOL // Troye Sivan

Hold Back The River // James Bay


Let me know what you think! There’s a lot going on here, some of it not alt. But it’s all wonderful just the same. I made this playlist on Spotify and it’s been what I listen to whenever I have work to be done at the house. It goes wonderfully with the cooler weather.








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