Salem Chronicles


Hello everyone,

Yesterday we went to Salem! We returned again for our yearly visit and enjoyed all the spooky and witchy happenings there.


The thing that always leaves me in awe is the preservation that they practice in Salem. There is so much there that is gorgeous and historic and original that I was completely overwhelmed. We didn’t get to go running around in a graveyard this year, but hopefully we can do that soon. Seeing the old headstones is stunning and humbling. I know that there was a lot of “scary” things going on in the streets and there were lots of haunted houses, but the history of Salem is really the best part. And, the crazy ass witch trials are scary enough, and those actually happened.


We did something this year that we have never done, we went to see The House of the Seven Gables. I’m glad that I waited until now to do the tour because I’m not sure I would have appreciated it when I was younger. There was no photography allowed inside (or practically anywhere in Salem) but I got some shots around the exteriors. To be around such deep history and such timeless storytellers was incredible. We were walking up hidden staircases and entering tiny little doors and I felt like I was in a Harry Potter book. This is the back entrance into the gardens.

I embarked on this trip with my mom and my best friend Emily and we had the best time. It was cold, very cold, and quite windy. But it finally felt like fall. We all had boots and jackets and were bundled to be walking around the cobblestone streets.

I’ve been to just about every museum besides this one in Salem, and the way they have preserved the buildings is cray. Some of them date back to the early 1600s, others spanning until the 1800s. Touching the wood and the brick and imagining the way people lived back then really transported you. And so did our corndogs.


This was a little spot that we sat under while waiting for our tour. The place was completely packed this weekend. The gardens were amazing and quite lush for being late October. After our tour, we saw that they put little fairy lights on in the top of the canopy. It was magical.


The coolest part of Salem is how different all the houses and buildings look. Some date back to times long ago, and some are new structures. All of them coexisting together were so exciting.

We also so many, many dogs. And many of the dogs were dress up in Halloween costumes, to our wonder.

There was an abundance of witch shops and apothecary jars and tarot cards galore. We soaked it all in and refrained from taking pictures (at their request). I really think that the crowds fueled the excitement. When everyone around you is dressed up and in the Halloween spirit, there is an energy in the air. I was so happy to be a part of it. All of us were in our glory.


The air was crisp and our noses were cold and my fingers sometimes shivered as I snapped pictures. But it was worth it. My mom swears that we are descendants of witches, but all that we found on our trip were heartwarming trick-or-treaters and lots of people in cloaks. This is truly the best time of year.


Look at those leaves!


This is where I’ll hopefully be studying my potions. In all honesty, the witch shops were so cool. We went in to as many as possible. One of them was called “Divinations” with spirit boards that were over $200! I was half pretending I was shopping for my trip to Hogwarts.


My favorite area is Pickering’s Wharf by the water. This was where we almost lived. I love the sea and I’m charmed by the old houses by the wharf. We braced ourselves against the windy air and walked a bit by the ocean. It was cold and wonderful.

I’d like to come back when he crowds aren’t so congested. I’d like to really be able to learn about the history and walk around without feeling wiped out. Because of the amount of things to do, we always leave feeling exhausted. But that’s the fun of it! We tire ourselves with junky food and Halloween drinks and history lessons. Of course we were exhausted!

The city is magic, no pun intended.


As the sun set I snapped this last picture and loved the way it looked. The church is beautiful and ominous and lovely.


Of course, I couldn’t go without buying some books. I got some spooky reads here, The House of the Seven Gables by Nathanial Hawthorne and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. My House of the Seven Gables book is stamped that I bought it at the House of the Seven gables. You know, that’s pretty cool. They covers are also lovely.

And that’s about it for my Salem trip this year. It was amazing. I’m happy I spent it with my mom and Emily. We all had a great time and learned a bit of history and enjoyed our spooky season. I thought I’d share my pictures with you to show the incredible experience. Now, time to watch some Hocus Pocus.

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Be back soon,



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