Hello, Sunny Day | A Trip to Lenox


Hello Everyone,

Today I went to Lenox, MA to enjoy the beautiful weather. It was the perfect day for a ride and especially for walking around a historic town. The little shops and cafés were so charming!

I went last fall as well and bought a few things for my dorm. It’s amazing to me that here we are a year later and so much as changed. Because it’s a bit later in the season it was actually empty. There were a few people in the streets, but not nearly as many as there is in late summer/early fall. A lot of the trees still had their leaves and it was wonderful to admire everything without shivering to death. So many of the shops were enchanting, we had to eventually pick and choose which we went into because it was getting so late!

Look at these beautiful bath accessories. It made me wish for a nice hot bath so badly! I have been seeing a lot of white-on-white decor lately. I really enjoy it, very minimal and clean. This packaging is also beautiful.

The best part about Lenox is the shops are so unique, some of them being in historic brick buildings and some being overgrown with plants. I loved walking on the stone streets and enjoying the sights.


Aren’t these little mouse matchboxes adorable?!


We also went to one of the most beautiful libraries I’ve ever been to. It was very old and used to be a courthouse.

Here was one of the main rooms that you walked into from the front. The photo unfortunately does no justice. Everything was beautifully preserved and the rooms were gorgeous. If you’ve ever been inside a library like this, let me know where it was. I love discovering new ones.


So many of the leaves this year are browns and yellows. I think they aren’t as saturated as usual because of our lack of rain this summer, but I love the golden colors. They covered the sidewalks and and decorated the streets, giving the best picture of a New England town in Autumn.


This is the outside of the library. It was also huge in the back. How incredible! The brick work and architecture was jaw-dropping. We were speechless the whole time inside.


This was one shot of the main room inside.

If I had a library to go to like this near me, I would be very happy!

I think there is something magic about libraries (did I mention I got a job in one?). Seeing the shelves and shelves of books is incredibly comforting. The world is getting a little crazy and a little scary. But going to a sanctuary like this is a beautiful thing, and we are so lucky that they exist. It was a lovely, lovely place.


Have you ever been to Lenox? Let me know your thoughts/suggestions!




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