Essentials to Having a Cozy Winter 🌨


1) Scarves

I can tell it’s actually winter when I’m throwing on a scarf. There’s something wonderful about needing a huge blanket of fabric wrapped around your neck to keep you warm.

2) Socks

And I’m not talking just any old socks. I’m talking about cute socks. Go out and get yourself some cute, warm socks to wear with boots or around the house.

3) Winter Boots

I suppose this depends on where you live and what your winters are like, but I live in New England. Winter snow boots are literally an essential if you want to go anywhere after a snowstorm. I have a beautiful pair of Sorel boots that my parents got me for Christmas and they have held up so nicely. I’d say this is one of those items that you want to splurge on. Having a great quality boot for ice and snow is definitely worth it, and Sorel has adorable choices!

4) Sweatpants 

After a cold day outside, there is literally nothing cozier than changing into sweatpants. Especially if you have taken a nice hot bath and you want to be as relaxed as possible. I have a really nice pair from Target that are comfortable but also don’t make me look terribly disheveled. Then again, if disheveled sweatpants are the comfiest for you, I say go for it.


5) Tea (morning or night, your choice)

Tea makes everything better, I truly believe that. Also, I believe that waking up early and having a hot cup of tea while the rest of the world is waking up is one of the most therapeutic practices one can do for themselves.

6) Candles

Light them all, light every candle you own and feel extremely cozy (and make sure nothing burns down).

7) Sweaters

Finding the perfect sweater is hard. I buy a lot of them because I want variety of style/color, that kind of thing. But sometimes you just have that one sweater, and it is the sweater of all sweaters and you will put it on any time you need to feel warm.

I recently went to Primark and got the coziest sweater ever (probably). I think it’s technically a cardigan, but it has the perfect “oatmeal” texture. You know what I’m talking about, right? It looks like a sweater your grandmother might wear. For some reason, it is ridiculously in style, and I’m guessing it’s because it is the comfiest thing in the world to wear.

8) Winter Movies

As soon as I admit that it’s Christmas time (so, November 1st) I start planning the movies I want to watch. I feel like it is very important to be watching wintery things to get as much inspiration as possible. The movies need to have snow, they need to have some sort of love story going on, and they need to have cute jackets. In all seriousness, my favorite winter movie to watch is The Holiday. I love all the actors in it and the story really is a classic. Also, the little cottage in Surrey is my all-time dream home, and it will be forever.


Those are all my essentials for not just surviving winter, but actually enjoying it. I think too often people grumble about the weather instead of enjoying the fact that the seasons are changing and it’s a beautiful thing and there are so many cute mittens to be worn.




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