Winter Playlist


Hello Everyone,

Since it’s snowed three times already (and then drearily melted away) I put together a winter playlist to get me into the spirits. Maybe playing this will make the snow fall, and maybe it will just make me look up images of snow on Pinterest. Either way, I had a lovely time putting it together, and shockingly enough, it’s not ALL Bon Iver!

I was going for a very icy melancholic winter theme here. This is why my pictures are edited in such a way. I love using the natural light from my bedroom, and since the walls ย were painted grey and it’s very overcast out, it gave the perfect kind of light. You can gather some hot chocolate and settle in with these beautiful tracks.


The xx // Angels

Florence + The Machine // Cosmic Love

Mariah Carey // All I Want For Christmas Is You

jennylee // long lonely winter

Frank Sinatra // Fly Me To The Moon

Elliot Smith // Between the Bars

She & Him // Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Bon Iver // Holocene

Daughter // Tomorrow

Bon Iver // For Emma


I hope you enjoyed some of these songs! I wanted to put the entire For Emma, Forever Ago album on here, but sometimes, you need variety. I also threw in some Christmas songs because, hey, I’m trying to be festive here.


“What good is the warmth

of summer, without the cold

of winter to give it


-John Steinbeck




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