“Stop and feel the nothing you now stand in..”


Hello Everyone!

Here’s an official full outfit with my new hair. I’m quite happy with it! It’s brightened up my winter days, and for that, I am grateful. I’ve been experimenting wearing reds and oranges to see how they mesh together.

Today is Valentine’s Day, and I am without a Valentine. However, I spent my morning doing my hair and makeup, which can feel very therapeutic. I also spent a lot of time with friends and doing lots of writing, which is always a good thing.


Our days tend to be so filled and busy and full of bustling that we forget about our own stillness. Sometimes the best treat to ourselves is to give ourselves some space and time to suspend and just be. There is so much chaos that is going on that we forget about the importance of internal balance. This is something that I am constantly looking for, since my anxiety tends to kick in during busy times. It’s important to step back, look at things objectively, and then remain still.

I hope I can continue this act for the rest of winter. It seems we are all a little tightly-wound during the colder months, and it makes sense. But there is also a calling for warmth and kindness, and I am always personally more kind when I’ve been good to myself.


Shirt- TJMaxx

Skirts- H&M


Booties- Old Navy

Jacket- Guess

Scarf- H&M

How are you treating yourself this winter? Hopefully there is less snow in our future. I am anxious to start spring gardening, and there is literally 2 feet of snow in my back yard!

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Talk to you very soon,



Love Your Local Library


Libraries, the beautiful sanctuaries that share knowledge and comfort with the general public, are starting to crumble.

I believe that libraries are gifts to our communities, gifts that have been overshadowed by the advancing technology and handheld devices that steal our attention. When I was in school in the Boston area, I would see busy young students bustling to the library with armfuls of books and pencils and it made me feel warm and fuzzy, but more importantly, it made me feel productive. After moving home, I noticed that the libraries that exist in rural areas are dwindling with their doors wide open and begging the general public to take a look at what they have to offer.


Let’s start here: Why are libraries important?

-Free books!!! (THIS IS THE BEST PERK)

-Free NEW DVD’s (And British shows! And indie foreign films!)

-Research resources!!

-Free help for any reference questions!

-Free computer use & cheap printing!

-Quiet study space surrounded by a sea of the best writers in the world!

Why wouldn’t you spend time at a library? They are quiet beautiful spaces where you can roam freely and take out any book you can get your hands on. Sadly, less people think of turning to the library, and they don’t even consider it an option when they want to read something. It has become out-of-practice for some people to step foot into their local library.


Now let’s talk about this: Why are libraries good for communities?

-They promote sustainability (don’t buy new books, share them!)

-You can meet like-minded individuals between the stacks of your favorite genre/author/topic. Robert Putnam said: “People may go to the library looking mainly for information, but they find each other there.”

-They spread knowledge and resources to the public that might not have access to it otherwise OR might not have known where to find it

-They celebrate diversity and learning

-College is expensive, libraries are free to use

-Book clubs offer stories that people read together that might NOT have tried to read on their own, which promotes growth and exploration of literature

-Tutoring services are available


I am asking anyone who reads this post and is intrigued, answer me this in the comments: What would encourage you to visit the library? What are your favorite parts of the library that you think invite people inside?

“A good library will never be too neat, or too dusty

because somebody will always be in it

taking books off the shelves and staying up late

reading them.”

-Lemony Snicket



See My Article in Artful Blogging Magazine!


I have been waiting to share this on my blog for so long! I have been featured in another Stampington & Company magazine, and this time it is the beautiful publication Artful Blogging. I was happy to be featured in a spring piece, and you can go out and read it when it comes out on February 1st! However, my parents were browsing in Barnes and Noble over the weekend and spotted some already on the shelves!


The article I wrote for this was some of my experience with blogging, but mainly it was about the relationship I have with taking pictures for this blog. I love writing, but without the visuals to accompany it, it just wouldn’t be worth it! There are about 3 pages worth of my photos that were featured on this very blog. I am very proud to have my work in another publication, and opening up a magazine and seeing it is still very surreal. It was always my dream to write something and have it sold in a bookstore. While it isn’t a book, walking into Barnes and Noble and opening up a magazine like countless other magazines I have read my whole life and seeing my name and my words on the pages is an honor, and it is truly special to me. 


There are also other amazing people featured in this, so please check it out and support them as well! It is always so lovely to meet other people who share your passions, and this is another step towards that, as it allows me to communicate how I feel with the rest of the world.

If you pick up a copy, let me know what you think! I will probably be buying more copies of it because I am so ecstatic. If you told me after I graduated that I would be featured in two publications within less than a year, I don’t think I would have believed you, but here we are, and I am very proud! 

Talk to you soon,


Messages to Myself for the New Year


-Tell yourself that everything will be ok (because it will)

-Be mindful about the words you use to others

-Take more chances


-Find more beauty in the world

-Breathe (and keep going)

-Go out and find the magic that is hidden in unknown places

-You are good enough, just keep doing what you love


Maybe some of these things are lessons to yourself for the New Year as well. I thought I would share what I jotted down last night when thinking about 2017. 2016 was tough, but those of us who are still here will need to make it through another year. Let’s start it off right, with an optimistic view and hopefully champagne. I wish anyone reading this a very wonderful year. Let’s enjoy it together.

“There are far, far better things ahead

than any we leave behind.”

C. S. Lewis



Christmas Gift Guide 2016


Figuring out gifts for people can be very complicated. I have tried to be very organized, very creative, very out-of-the-box, and sometimes I just can’t get it right. Christmas is a magical time, and giving gifts is like communicating that you are in tune with your loved ones and you know what they would like.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money, and you also can, if you wish. I put together some quick ideas for different people in your life. Hopefully these will be helpful and inspire. I am just starting my Christmas shopping now, and I hope I can get it all done by Christmas. I find the best thing to do when picking out gifts is to really listen to people when they say what they want, and keep your ears open all during November and December. People will let you on to what they’ve been wishing for, so I try to jot it down when they mention something they like.

However, sometimes you need more gifts! Sometimes, you need a few more gifts to throw in a bag or add to a bigger gift. These are those gifts. They aren’t anything crazy, just gifts that I think might work out well.


For A Best Friend: 

Knit Hat – You just can’t go wrong.

Vintage Camera – Check around flea markets and thrift stores for some old cameras. Instax are all the rage right now, but an old polaroid would also make a great gift. It’s something that they will take care of and is unique, which will make them think of you!

I have an old pink polaroid camera that was a gift and I will always cherish it. While they might be more expensive, you can absolutely try and find a deal. You can also splurge a little for a friend! This is a gift that stands out from the rest.

For A Significant Other (Girl):

Perfume/Handcream/Lotion set –If you’re at a loss for what to get a girl who you are involved with, go with things that smell nice. Just make sure they are a good scent for her! They have a lot of little sets with multiple products inside. I love these things. They last forever and usually all have the same scent. You can find them at most department stores.

I think anything like a nice perfume or lotion will always be appropriate. Maybe take her out shopping and see what scents she gravitates towards. That will be a sure sign to what notes she likes in the perfumes. Also, perfume is always romantic!

Getting lotions and hand creams along with other big gifts is also a great idea. Bath & Body works has amazing lotions that are holiday themed. For a fancier idea, you can see what stores like Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters has. Tocca is a beautiful brand with amazing scents. While a bit more expensive, they are worth it. Go and check out their samples!

For Significant Other (Guy): 

Coffe Mug – In my experience, guys like things you can drink out of. And they don’t just have to drink coffee out of it! They can drink whiskey too!

TJMaxx has very cute mugs, but for a more masculine style, check out Urban Outfitters or speciality boutique stores. There are a lot of cute ones with mountains on them and other “adventure” themed ones. Another idea might be getting a thermos that can be used for camping or hiking. Guys like that stuff, right?

Photography Books – The best one I can recommend is called Cabin Porn, you’re welcome.

For Secret Santa :

Interactive Journals – You know those 5 year journals? Those are the perfect kinds of things for people that you are buying gifts for and you just don’t know that well. In fact, any journal or notebook will probably do. They also have ones that you fill in for couples or dream journals. Luckily, there are tons of types out there that can fit different people. And people seem to enjoy them!

There is also a funny journal that is a Guest Bathroom journal. You’ve probably seen that one around.

Going off of this idea, a Moleskin notebook is always a fantastic gift. If I received a Moleskin I would be one happy girl. People write/draw/journal in these things in their own ways. They are classic, simple, and good-quality notebooks. Perfect for writers and artists. You do risk looking like a huge hipster, but eh, who cares?

Stockings :

Post -it Notes – Practical items in stockings are awesome!

Fancy Candles – See Diptique candle above, and then drool, because it is so beautiful.

Travel Size Beauty – If you go to Ulta (Or Target, or anywhere with tiny skin care) you can find these adorable sample sizes of skin care products. This might be perfect for someone who wants to try out a new brand. They have adorable little Christmas packages in Sephora and Ulta to choose from. Finding that in a stocking would be so exciting! You can’t go wrong with beauty, and the little sizes don’t break the bank. You can even stick one in your own stocking.

For Yourself:

Books! Who is surprised here that the only thing I want to buy myself is more books, mostly the beautiful Lang Leav poetry books.


What is on your gift guide? Were you thinking of getting any of these for people? Buying gifts can be tricky, but it can also be a lot of fun. I’m getting so excited to buy presents for people this year. I have a lot more good decorating ideas that I might post here. I’ll also be looking at some cute ideas for wrapping presents!

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Talk to you soon,




The Perfect Side for Thanksgiving | Cinnamon Roasted Squash Recipe ✮


Hello everyone,

I am still in shock that next week is Thanksgiving! November has been flying by much faster than we can catch it.


Here is my recipe for one of the dishes that I will be responsible for during Thanksgiving!


-1 Butternut Squash (Or you can buy it already cubed)

-3 Tablespoons of Olive Oil

-2  Tablespoons of packed Brown Sugar

-1 teaspoon of ground Cinnamon

-1 teaspoon of Salt

-1 teaspoon of ground Pepper



  1. Preheat the oven to 425F and make sure the rack is set to the upper middle position. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil.
  2. Toss the cubed squash with the rest of the ingredients until they are thoroughly mixed. Transfer to foiled-lined baking sheet, in a single layer, without overcrowding the pieces.
  3. Let cook for 20 minutes. Then take it out and flip the pieces and move them around a bit. Put back in the oven to cook for another 15 minutes. (Some of my pieces were quite browned, and I like mine more cooked, so if you want it less crispy, you can check them and take them out sooner.
  4. Serve them with your Thanksgiving feast! Note that because of the pepper, it will be a spicy squash!


If you try out this recipe, let me know how it goes.

“Give us a thankful sense of the blessing in

which we live, of the many comforts of our

lot, that we may not deserve to lose them by

discontent or indifference.”

-Jane Austen


October Favorites


1.) Adorable Striped Bee Pen

I got these packs of pens from Target awhile ago and they are simply adorable! They have gold and black details and little bees on the ends of them.

2.) Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hallow

This is a classic book. And all through Halloween I was coming back to this story. We are so connected to the tale of Ichabod Crane and his adventures with the Headless Horseman. My mom used to tell us the story every night in October.

I got this little book when I visited Salem a few weeks ago. We went to The House of the Seven Gables and it was in the gift shop with tons of other spooky stories. I don’t actually have a copy, and this one is adorable and festive.


3.) Journal

I got this on sale at TJMaxx. You literally can not go wrong with that store. It is a basic gray leather journal that has simple embossed gold lettering on the front. Very minimal, perfect for my style. I’ve been writing every single thing that pops into my mind down in this journal.

4.) Yankee Candle’s Spiced Pumpkin Candle

It’s probably no surprise to anyone that this was the candle I burned the most this month. After this season, pumpkin basically goes away and we get into peppermint and balsam scents. This candle is the epitome of fall, and smells up the room with a spicy and autumnal scent.

To be honest, I’m quite sad that October is over. So many beautiful things happened this month, and I will remember them for a long time. But we are heading right into November with full force, and soon I’ll be hanging up holly.

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Talk to you soon,




Be Happy For No Reason


Hello everyone!

Has anyone ever asked you why you were so happy about something/why you liked something so much? And you’re sitting there going, I do this/like this/am happy about this because I want to be. There is no other reason. I find myself explaining myself a lot lately to people to try and justify the things that I like or the things that I like doing. There’s just no need for this, you can simply be yourself and be unapologetic.

One of the things that I love doing is taking pictures for this blog. I’m aware that it isn’t a big money-maker or something that makes a huge difference in the grand scheme of things, but I like it and it makes me happy.


If you find yourself in one of those situations, just say, “I’m happy about this for no reason.” There’s a lot of power in that. Don’t be afraid to love the things that you love!

The days are getting so cool, and I am loving it. I got up early to run today and was shivering the whole way to the track.

I’m trying to transition myself into a fall wardrobe slowly. I want to wear jeans so badly!! I’ll wear them today and see if I overheat. I also try to adda  few little touches like a very light scarf. This one is so flowy and lovely and isn’t too warm for this early September weather.

Outfit Details

Shirt – H&M

Jeans – Urban Outfitters

Hat – H&M

Scarf – Urban Outfitters

I hope you all are having a nice week. I’m looking forward to getting all my work done this weekend so that we are mostly done with weddings. Let me know what you’re currently wearing/happy about! I had a piece of pumpkin pie last night and it finally felt like fall. I’ve also been getting pumpkin spice lattes, but they don’t taste the same to me. Am I the only one noticing this?

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An Autumn Tag // 🍁


I keep seeing all these cozy Autumn inspired tags, so I thought I’d give one a go! I’ve been trying to stay in the fall spirit every day of September, so today, I will be doing this. Hopefully you will want to get a nice hot cup of hot chocolate or pumpkin spice and read it. You can also feel free to do the same tag after, I think it’s a lot of fun!

Perfect Autumn Weather?

60 or 70 degrees with a nice cool breeze. I love crisp September days.

A book that you want to read this Autumn?

White is for Witching by Helen Oyeyemi.

Must have Autumn item?

A really big scarf. I bought so many blanket scarves from H&M that I look forward to using! There is nothing better than curling up with one on a cold day.

Three songs that make you think of Autumn?

Featherstone by The Paper Kites, Ho Hey by The Lumineers, and Roslyn by Bon Iver & St. Vincent. I actually have an Autumn Playlist post right here!

Your favorite Autumn outfit?

I just got a poncho that I plan to wear with everything. I think I’ll wear it with jeans, some boots, chunky socks, and a cozy hat. I’ll also be wearing the huge scarf (as mentioned above). As it gets cooler, I like to wear fingerless gloves to stay warm. They look cute with sweaters!

Favorite Autumn activity?

Every year we go to Salem for Halloween. We are doing it again this year, and I’m so excited! We almost lived in Salem near Pickering Wharf, so we go and visit and spend the day in spooky graveyards.

Do you like to write? If you do, what do you write?

I love to write, and lately, it’s all been about how excited I am for this season!

Favorite type of cookie?

I just don’t think you can go wrong with a chocolate chip cookie. I make them so often that the recipe will be in my brain forever. They go with every type of festive drink, and they never fail!

Favorite warm drink?

Hot chocolate.

Do you know how to ice skate?

Yes, I ice skated my whole life! Since I was 4 years old I’ve been on the ice, and it was always a big part of my life.

What’s the best part about Autumn where you live?

I live in Massachusetts, so we have exceptional colors of leaves when they turn. We also live in the stereotypical New England town that is known for Autumn goodness like corn mazes, pumpkin patches, lots of farms, etc.

Do you put up your Christmas lights in November, or what till December?

I’m on of those people who puts them up in November. What can I say, I love seasonal changes! I try to wait until around Thanksgiving so that it isn’t too overboard. But mid November I might start singing Christmas carols. That’s why I need to start my Autumn preparations so early, like in August!

I hope that you enjoyed reading some fall-ish things! Feel free to reuse this tag, and let me know if you do. I am currently enjoying a crisp breeze with my dog by my side, and I am very happy. I modified a tag from this person’s, if you were wondering.











Hello everyone,

It has been pretty slow on my blog lately, and that’s because a lot of things have been going on. I was having health problems at the beginning of the month, followed by a vacation, followed by coming back to lots of work. Because of all of that, I felt pretty emotionally exhausted, even after oversleeping most mornings and taking many afternoon naps. I think that I may need a little bit of time away from my blog (and the internet in general) until my work load slows down. As some of you may know, I work for a wedding stylist, and this is prime wedding season, so we have been working away every day to get things done.

While I take a small break from my blog and probably from Instagram, I’ll be focusing on working and taking some time for my own writing. I also will be working on things for my digital magazine, so if you’re interested in contributing, send me an email and check out my post about it here. 

I hope to be back relatively soon, with a well-rested mind and fresh ideas.

Talk to you later,