Autumn Notes


Hello Everyone,

I wanted to take some time to jot down my favorite parts about Autumn, the parts that I have noticed the most this year.

-The way the leaves all change different colors together. The way their reds and yellows and oranges and browns paint the tips of the trees above my house. They produce the prettiest picture of the environment, and in the next minute, they might be blown away.

-The way decadent hot chocolate tastes the first time I have it in the season. The way the jumbo marshmallows start to melt before I can spoon them out greedily.

-The way the trees looks surrounding the bike trail that we ride on. They create a blanket of color as I fly by on my bike. The leaves start to stick to the ground, and my tire crunches over them. I can smell the way they are drying and curling in the grass. It smells like all the Autumns that I have ever remembered.


-The way the first bite of pumpkin pie tastes. There is fresh whipped cream on top with a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg. It tastes so much better than I remember, and yet, exactly as good as it’s always been.

-The way the woods around our house begins to change. Some birds are flying away in flocks. We see less bears stumbling around the forest. Instead, squirrels and chipmunks steal the seeds and nuts that fall from the trees. There is cold rain at night and dewy grass in the morning. All around us, the woods are alive with woodland chatter.

-Drinking a hot cup of chai tea and pairing it with my favorite cookies. The taste is spicy and sweet, if I add a little bit of vanilla. When I drink it outside in the morning, steam rolls off of the mug and disappears near the falling leaves.


-The bustle at local coffeeshops as their fall flavors start being sold. Watching through the large window as people rush by with large knit scarves and heavier jackets.

-The haunting way the mist rolls in, making the orange leaves almost fluorescent in comparison, and giving me a chill down my spine.

-Lighting candles late in the night and reading classic books next to them. The warmth from the candle casts a flattering glow over everything, and the flicker creates dancing shadows that keep me turning the pages. The wax pools and drips, and the room smells of pumpkin and cinnamon. I pull my blanket around me and wait for the light to run out.


I would love to know your favorite parts of Autumn. This is my favorite time of year and I really felt that I needed to give it a little extra love on my blog. I might do this for winter too, because I had fun making these observations about the way the season changes! Let me know your thoughts.

Talk soon,



Snapshots of August πŸ“


Hello Everyone,

August is leaving us now, which is so strange to believe. It feels like it just graced us with its presence, and now it must bid us goodbye. The last few weeks have been beautiful weather, so I must say that August was good to me.

It’s unusual to watch the light extinguish so early now, and nighttime greeting us when only a month ago it would have been beautiful and bright outside. But this is how summer ends, I suppose, as it always does. I’m currently listening to the rustling of leaves outside my open window, and I’m grateful for another beautiful summer. I’ve only recently been going to the park and going on bike rides, as the weather has been cooperating, but I wish I had started doing it sooner in the season. I’m noticing the chill in the air and I’m panicking to get all of our outdoor activities in before the frost arrives.



Here is my favorite quote this month:

“A thousand little winds pass through me this morning, fragrant with forest leaves and bright autumnal berries.” –Emily Dickinson, from a letter to Austin Dickinson, written October 1851.

I hope everyone had an August filled with magic.

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Snapshots of July


Hello Everyone,

July is here, and rather than summery pictures, I’ve been dowsing myself in Autumn (I know, wayyyyy too soon).


There is something way comfier about a photo that looks like it’s taken in Autumn. This is psychological, I know, but it still fuels me to take fall-ish photos.

Maybe I am just in denial about all the heat.


Also drinking hot drinks, because I’m that deep in denial. I hope everyone is having a nice July. I am staying as cool as possible and reading as many books as I can get my hands on. Summer is also such a beautiful time for painting, so I’ll have to try and make some more time for that. Me and another friend are looking for a nice park to paint at, maybe some watercolor.

I hope July is good to us, and I hope there are some more thunderstorms. Let me know what you’ve gotten up to in the past month and what your plans are for the rest of summer! Mine are now thankfully including an awesome trip to Maine!

Talk to you soon.


Snapshots of June


Hello Everyone,

June really snuck up on me. May was my birthday month, and it goes by so quickly that it feels like summer is already here. Incredibly, the warm weather has me now dreaming of autumn, which of course makes no sense. I hate to rush the seasons, but I love the autumn colors so much that I decided to take some photos with warm browns to satisfy myself.

I must say that the one thing I love about the summer is the thunderstorms. We have had such angry rain and thunder lately, and I cozy up inside and scribble in my notebook. I’m cherishing these days that the wind is still a bit cool, because soon we will be sweltering and I’ll be scrambling for the shade.


Some things I’ve been loving lately is looking at color palettes, especially ones inspired by the clouds. Here’s an example!Β Β Color has always been important to me, and I love collecting palettes from paint stores and home stores to cut up and use. Maybe I’ll work on some sort of project with that soon.

I’ve been addicted to this beautiful tumblr account because the forest scenes are so dreamy. The story I’m writing right now has a large part to do with the forest, so the inspiration from this is amazing. Totally recommend checking it out!

I hope everyone has a beautiful June.


A Painter’s Process // Fall to Winter


I sat down and painted not too long ago, and then I watched Simply_Kenna’s Youtube video entitled, “A Painter’s Process,” and I wanted to showcase my thoughts about painting the colors of fall into winter.Β I realized that the two seasons, while very different in many ways, have beautiful corresponding colors. Maybe it is the way that one season bleeds into the next, and the hues that we appreciate start to bleed together too.


What I love about fall is that there is a warmth to it. There is a happy, cozy, beautiful shade of brown that represents fall the best. This was the first time that I realized that my favorite pictures to take were those of warm browns and orange colors. They make up the pinecones, the acorns, the furry squirrels that run by, and they especially make up the fiery fierceness of the maple trees.

But as the days lull on, the leaves fall, and they die, and the world seems stark. But there is color to be found. I can see it when the sun falls on the countryside, illuminating the hills and highlighting the best of New England.

And then, there are those beautiful colors, my favorite colors, and they are the cool greys and blues.


The way that these things naturally come together is inevitable. It is the organic cycle of things. I watch the way the brown leaves kiss the grey skies and I can feel that winter is coming. Sometimes we rush from one thing to another, trying to gather the most of each thing, compartmentalizing those things. But sometimes, those things belong together for a little while, sometimes they compliment each other. I am enchanted by that theory.

What does your environment look like to you right now? When you look outside, what colors do you see?

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Talk to you soon,



October Favorites


1.) Adorable Striped Bee Pen

I got these packs of pens from Target awhile ago and they are simply adorable! They have gold and black details and little bees on the ends of them.

2.) Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hallow

This is a classic book. And all through Halloween I was coming back to this story. We are so connected to the tale of Ichabod Crane and his adventures with the Headless Horseman. My mom used to tell us the story every night in October.

I got this little book when I visited Salem a few weeks ago. We went to The House of the Seven Gables and it was in the gift shop with tons of other spooky stories. I don’t actually have a copy, and this one is adorable and festive.


3.) Journal

I got this on sale at TJMaxx. You literally can not go wrong with that store. It is a basic gray leather journal that has simple embossed gold lettering on the front. Very minimal, perfect for my style. I’ve been writing every single thing that pops into my mind down in this journal.

4.) Yankee Candle’s Spiced Pumpkin Candle

It’s probably no surprise to anyone that this was the candle I burned the most this month. After this season, pumpkin basically goes away and we get into peppermint and balsam scents. This candle is the epitome of fall, and smells up the room with a spicy and autumnal scent.

To be honest, I’m quite sad that October is over. So many beautiful things happened this month, and I will remember them for a long time. But we are heading right into November with full force, and soon I’ll be hanging up holly.

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Talk to you soon,




Salem Chronicles


Hello everyone,

Yesterday we went to Salem! We returned again for our yearly visit and enjoyed all the spooky and witchy happenings there.


The thing that always leaves me in awe is the preservation that they practice in Salem. There is so much there that is gorgeous and historic and original that I was completely overwhelmed. We didn’t get to go running around in a graveyard this year, but hopefully we can do that soon. Seeing the old headstones is stunning and humbling. I know that there was a lot of “scary” things going on in the streets and there were lots of haunted houses, but the history of Salem is really the best part. And, the crazy ass witch trials are scary enough, and those actually happened.


We did something this year that we have never done, we went to see The House of the Seven Gables. I’m glad that I waited until now to do the tour because I’m not sure I would have appreciated it when I was younger. There was no photography allowed inside (or practically anywhere in Salem) but I got some shots around the exteriors. To be around such deep history and such timeless storytellers was incredible. We were walking up hidden staircases and entering tiny little doors and I felt like I was in a Harry Potter book. This is the back entrance into the gardens.

I embarked on this trip with my mom and my best friend Emily and we had the best time. It was cold, very cold, and quite windy. But it finally felt like fall. We all had boots and jackets and were bundled to be walking around the cobblestone streets.

I’ve been to just about every museum besides this one in Salem, and the way they have preserved the buildings is cray. Some of them date back to the early 1600s, others spanning until the 1800s. Touching the wood and the brick and imagining the way people lived back then really transported you. And so did our corndogs.


This was a little spot that we sat under while waiting for our tour. The place was completely packed this weekend. The gardens were amazing and quite lush for being late October. After our tour, we saw that they put little fairy lights on in the top of the canopy. It was magical.


The coolest part of Salem is how different all the houses and buildings look. Some date back to times long ago, and some are new structures. All of them coexisting together were so exciting.

We also so many, many dogs. And many of the dogs were dress up in Halloween costumes, to our wonder.

There was an abundance of witch shops and apothecary jars and tarot cards galore. We soaked it all in and refrained from taking pictures (at their request). I really think that the crowds fueled the excitement. When everyone around you is dressed up and in the Halloween spirit, there is an energy in the air. I was so happy to be a part of it. All of us were in our glory.


The air was crisp and our noses were cold and my fingers sometimes shivered as I snapped pictures. But it was worth it. My mom swears that we are descendantsΒ of witches, but all that we found on our trip were heartwarming trick-or-treaters and lots of people in cloaks. This is truly the best time of year.


Look at those leaves!


This is where I’ll hopefully be studying my potions. In all honesty, the witch shops were so cool. We went in to as many as possible. One of them was called “Divinations” with spirit boards that were over $200! I was half pretending I was shopping for my trip to Hogwarts.


My favorite area is Pickering’s Wharf by the water. This was where we almost lived. I love the sea and I’m charmed by the old houses by the wharf. We braced ourselves against the windy air and walked a bit by the ocean. It was cold and wonderful.

I’d like to come back when he crowds aren’t so congested. I’d like to really be able to learn about the history and walk around without feeling wiped out. Because of the amount of things to do, we always leave feeling exhausted. But that’s the fun of it! We tire ourselves with junky food and Halloween drinks and history lessons. Of course we were exhausted!

The city is magic, no pun intended.


As the sun set I snapped this last picture and loved the way it looked. The church is beautiful andΒ ominous and lovely.


Of course, I couldn’t go without buying some books. I got some spooky reads here, The House of the Seven Gables by Nathanial Hawthorne and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. My House of the Seven Gables book is stamped that I bought it at the House of the Seven gables. You know, that’s pretty cool. They covers are also lovely.

And that’s about it for my Salem trip this year. It was amazing. I’m happy I spent it with my mom and Emily. We all had a great time and learned a bit of history and enjoyed our spooky season. I thought I’d share my pictures with you to show the incredible experience. Now, time to watch some Hocus Pocus.

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Be back soon,


Spooky Halloween Q&A🍁


Hello everyone,

As I’m writing this, we are baking a pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin snickerdoodles, decorating the house for Halloween, and getting ready for the Hunter’s supermen tonight. It is feeling very spooky and festive, so I wanted to do a Halloween question and answer. I always love reading these, and they totally get me in the mood for holidays!

  1. What is your favorite Halloween movie?

I watch Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp every single year with my mom.

2. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love Halloween?

Is 11 an option? Growing up, this was the holiday we went all out with. My mom threw huge Halloween parties and transformed the entire house. It was my favorite time of year. I get such good feeling when I think about my great Halloween memories.

It is still my favorite holiday since I love all things spooky.

We also go to Salem every single year and let the festivities ensue. We get fun drinks and buy overpriced witch hats and run around graveyards. We are going soon and I plan on going to a few museums.

3. Have you always been a Halloween lover?

Yes, for as long as I can remember. It has always been the most magical time of year.

4. How do you get into the Halloween spirit?

I buy some fall candles and look up Halloween decorations. I think when you are already so excited about fall (like me) it’s really easy to get into Halloween mode. But watching witchy movies and planning for Halloween also gets me in the spirit of things.

Hocus Pocus always, always gets me in the Halloween spirit.


5. Favorite Halloween/Fall scent?

I love anything with cinnamon and apples.

6. Favorite candy?

I love crunch bars!

I go through weird phases with Halloween candy where I want fruity candy all day, and then all chocolate the next. I love getting snickers and 3 musketeers bars. I never turned away any candy I don’t think.

One treat that my mom always brought home that was delicious was popcorn balls. We saw them at the grocery store the other day and screamed together. I’m not a huge fan of candy corn, but I eat it sometimes. I always prefer chocolate over everything though. I’m so sad that it’s just not acceptable for me to go trick-or-treating anymore.

7. What is your weird/odd fear?

I never liked clowns.

For some reason, it’s become trendy to scare the shit out of people by dressing up as a clown and acting weird in public. That is just about the worst thing to happen this year besides the presidential election. Not to mention, my mom is a huge Stephan King fan, and we’ve seen It so many times that it’s probably scarred me for life. The fact is, clowns are very, very scary.

8. Do you believe in ghosts?

Logic tells me that I don’t. If there was some other plane that energy existed on, it would mean there were a lot of unanswered questions, and I’m not sure my brain can deal with that. But when there’s a bump in the night, without hesitation, I am sure it’s a ghost. I guess believing in them makes life a little more exciting.


Feel free to do this Q&A as well!



Glasses & Hats (Ft. New Tattoo)


Hello everyone!

I’m sorry that I’ve been away from this blog for a little bit, there was a lot of stuff going on. Just some life updates, I got a tattoo, and possibly a new job! I’ve been enjoying my October so much, especially traveling around to different parts of New England and seeing the gorgeous colors on the trees. As for the tattoo, I finally go it, and I’m proud that I went through with it. I posted another pic on my Instagram, and it’s still healing, but this is how it looks right now.

And yes, it hurt. But since I wanted it for so long and because it felt so close to me (I did so many sketches before bringing it in to the tattoo parlor) I am proud to have it on my arm finally.


Also, I just want to fully express my love for October. I was talking about this with my friend because we are such fall people, we can get so annoying taking pictures of apples and leaves and “Oh, look at that barn, that’s a nice barn. Stand in front of the barn.” But truly, October embodies Autumn and it is so fleeting, and once it’s over, it’s over. November gets cold so quickly that it starts feeling like winter, and then it’s Christmas, and then it’s New Years, oh my gosh! So we were agreeing that we need to squeeze all of the Autumnal and Halloween excitement out of this one month. And so far, my month has been packed with plans and traveling and changes and new opportunities, and I am so in love with this month.


Hat – H&M

Poncho – Stitchfix


What has this month been like for you? I’ve been reading a ton (you could probably tell from my blog posts) and trying to do lots of outdoor activities. I actually made my own cider and it was absolutely delicious. I’m going to be preparing for NaNoWriMo (writing a novel in the month of November) so hopefully I’ll be updating you along the way!

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