How I edit my Instagram photos

How I edit my Instagram photos


Since I have been editing my Instagram pictures the same way now for a little while, I thought I would share on here how I do it!


First Tool: VSCO

I upload the photos I want to use onto VSCO (found in app store) and choose a specific filter. The filter I’ve been using lately (that you can see if you look at my current feed) is the HB2 filter, which I only use +5 of. The HB filters come form the Hypebeat x VSCO presets, which you can find if you go through the VSCO store. HB2 is the perfect level of mood and desaturation for me.

After using HB2 +5, I go into the other settings and fool around with them. I usually bump my grain to about +3. This gives a gritty look which I enjoy and I think looks a bit vintage. I lower my exposure quite a lot, as I was going for a darker look lately. On very bright photos, I’ll lower it to -3, but for most I will go anywhere from there to 0. I also bumpy the contrast one point up to +1.

Lastly, I fiddle with the S. tint and H. tint. For S. tint, I use the orange to increase +1. For H. tint, I take the magenta up to +3.

After that, I save it to my phone using the largest size.

Second Tool: Filterloop

I use Filterloop (found in the app store) on about a third of my photos. The only thing I use this for is to put film scratches and distortions onto my pictures. This gives it a vintage feel. I use the “Texture” tab and then use the “Dust” filters. I use all different ones depending on the photo, and I just play around with them before saving it to my phone. Then I upload to Instagram, and all is well!


Let me know what your tactics are for uploading to Instagram! I am currently playing around with some new filters to use on my feed, but this is the way I’ve been uploading for awhile. I tend to change things as seasons change. 🙂

If you want to see what else I’m up to, check out my Instagram and Tumblr!

-Heather 💛🙃🍄





  1. 15 Ways to Improve your Instagram Engagement 

This is such a well-written post. I had been feeling a little discouraged lately with Instagram (as a lot of people were) and it inspired me to take some tips and step up my game. Interacting with others on the app is such an important thing to do!

There were also some tips about your feed and how you should behave on Instagram. It gave me some excellent insight. Really well done post!

2. Blueberry and Lemon Thyme Galettes 

So, recently we bought way too many blueberries, and it’s something that I do very often. I’d been looking for a good blueberry recipe and this one looked perfect. Blueberry and lemon go together in the most lovely way. Recently, I made lemon cupcakes with a strawberry frosting. This has got me thinking I should have used blueberries instead!

This blog never disappoints, and this time she really delivered an excellent recipe. It looks so delicious in the gorgeous and crisp photos!

Lately I’ve been into the more “rustic” recipes as well, so this really did it for me. Hint of Vanilla is such a wonderful blog that I also encourage just browsing through the rest of her recipes as well. It really makes me want to get my life together and make some pastries. The photos and writing are beautiful. Seriously check this out!


That’s all I’ve got for this “Discoveries” section. I can’t wait until fall starts picking up and I can share the wonderful things across the blogosphere that are celebrating. As for now, I’ll be getting my scarves in order. I know that it’s only August! But autumn is so close. I am itching for it to finally get here.


Interiors, Photography & More | Discoveries June 15, 2016

Interiors, Photography & More | Discoveries June 15, 2016

the year-long journey


Hello everyone!

I want to start a new type of post on here called “Discoveries.” This will be where I share the wonderful things on the internet that I’ve been loving lately.

This first one is featuring some blog posts, some Etsy prints, recipes, and fashion. Entering into summer has left me inspired with crisp, fresh finds.

  1. (My Living Room + H&M Home)

As someone who is addicted to anything Scandinavian, this blog became my favorite thing. This particular blog post is styling her living room with H&M Home products, and one of my other favorite things is H&M Home. The products are cheap, they look minimalist, and they cozy op a space. The way that Anu styles everything makes it look like a designer interior. But aside from just this blog post, all of her other posts are beautiful as well. I highly recommend checking this blog out!


2. Bridge Photography Print

This print is only $7.99 and looks vintage (and a bit creepy, which I love!). Filling your home with beautiful items can make the most of your space. I’m also a big advocate for supporting other businesses, especially photographers. This person is so talented, so it’s worth checking it out. They have a variety of images, and all of them have the same vibe of natural landscapes.


3. Lovely Iced Coffee Recipes

This is from (which is a beautiful site) and it made my mouth water! Iced coffee is the pinnacle of summer, and it’s a staple every day for me and the people I work with. The fun part about coffee is changing the flavors you can use to transform the taste. Instead of spending your money on Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, you can try making these at home! This seems challenging, because I’ve never made my own iced coffee before. But it might be a fun thing to try this weekend (if the weather stays nice, that is).


4. Midi Dress Madness

Revolve clothing will forever be making me cry with their gorgeous pieces that I just can’t afford. This one just might be worth the splurge though, especially if you’ve been looking for the perfect vacation midi dress. It’s navy and white, and the top is perfect for summer. It’s $98, but hey, you might as well treat yourself to something as beautiful as this. I can see myself wearing this on a boat somewhere (if only). It’s effortless and easy, and that’s my favorite part.


Let me know what things you’ve been loving so far. I really fell into a deep whole with Decordot’s website because honestly, every single post is beautiful. If anyone has any other recommendations for Scandinavian/Nordic bloggers, let me know! I’m really into the minimalist and slow living styles, so I’ve been looking around for inspiration. I’m desperate for some more reading material!

Talk to you soon,