How I edit my Instagram photos

How I edit my Instagram photos


Since I have been editing my Instagram pictures the same way now for a little while, I thought I would share on here how I do it!


First Tool: VSCO

I upload the photos I want to use onto VSCO (found in app store) and choose a specific filter. The filter I’ve been using lately (that you can see if you look at my current feed) is the HB2 filter, which I only use +5 of. The HB filters come form the Hypebeat x VSCO presets, which you can find if you go through the VSCO store. HB2 is the perfect level of mood and desaturation for me.

After using HB2 +5, I go into the other settings and fool around with them. I usually bump my grain to about +3. This gives a gritty look which I enjoy and I think looks a bit vintage. I lower my exposure quite a lot, as I was going for a darker look lately. On very bright photos, I’ll lower it to -3, but for most I will go anywhere from there to 0. I also bumpy the contrast one point up to +1.

Lastly, I fiddle with the S. tint and H. tint. For S. tint, I use the orange to increase +1. For H. tint, I take the magenta up to +3.

After that, I save it to my phone using the largest size.

Second Tool: Filterloop

I use Filterloop (found in the app store) on about a third of my photos. The only thing I use this for is to put film scratches and distortions onto my pictures. This gives it a vintage feel. I use the “Texture” tab and then use the “Dust” filters. I use all different ones depending on the photo, and I just play around with them before saving it to my phone. Then I upload to Instagram, and all is well!


Let me know what your tactics are for uploading to Instagram! I am currently playing around with some new filters to use on my feed, but this is the way I’ve been uploading for awhile. I tend to change things as seasons change. šŸ™‚

If you want to see what else I’m up to, check out my Instagram and Tumblr!

-Heather šŸ’›šŸ™ƒšŸ„





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That’s all I’ve got for this “Discoveries” section. I can’t wait until fall starts picking up and I can share the wonderful things across the blogosphere that are celebrating. As for now, I’ll be getting my scarves in order. I know that it’s only August! But autumn is so close. I am itching for it to finally get here.