An Old Spring Breeze


When I went for a walk this morning, it was drizzling, but the air smelled like the earth. The way that it does in spring, or just at the beginning of spring. The trees were wet. They were completely soaked. Deep, rich wood saturated and dripping. As I walked, a breeze came through. Not a gust of wind, but a gentle, long breeze that lifted my hair around me and rustled the longer parts of the grass. It made me wonder, is this an old breeze? The way the wind blows as the seasons change, is it any different from hundreds of years ago? Is this the same kind of seasonal shift the earth has always known?

It gave me time to reflect on the things that I love about spring, the things I hope I will always love about it. And maybe these are things that others have been enjoying in springtime for a very long time as well.

-Painting, taking photos of, and reading about wildflowers. Using vibrant hues to portray the way they really look in nature. Bringing my camera to my eye as I snap a photo of budding branches. Bringing guidebooks to the park to find and investigate plants I haven’t seen before. Collecting petals to press later on

-Strolling through bookstores and getting lost in the stacks

-Hanging up my floral dresses to get the wrinkles out. Matching them with the petals I’ve collected outside. Changing my sheets for lighter, pastel ones to stay cool. Picking flowers and letting them dry to put on my wall. Hanging up my small paintings of flowers and admiring them in the morning light. Stuffing fresh blooms into old bottles to sit near the window. Shedding the wool cardigans and letting my skin feel the fresh air. Smelling the sweet scent of roses as they fill up the house. Admiring how everything gets lighter, sweeter, and more delicate

-Stopping to pick a single bloom from a flowering bush


-Watching the still water of the lake on a lazy day

-The various colors of the countryside as things come alive — ranging from browns and yellows to every shade of green

-A cup of tea in hand when the mornings are still chilly (perhaps with a cranberry orange scone)



A Snowy Spring Day | March 2018

A Snowy Spring Day | March 2018



This past week we had a “snow storm” which ended up being virtually no snow at all. I was bundled up inside, awaiting the storm that was supposed to be hurled at us, and watching the window which showed a serious lack of snow fall. I had plans on this particular day to go somewhere that was outside, and the forecast had made me reschedule. On the news, New York and Washington D.C. were getting slammed with the storm, and I waited in my blanket for something that never came. If we had gotten the storm at the magnitude that they predicted, it would have been a major case of déjà vu. If you’ve been keeping track, New England has gotten four nor’easters in just three weeks.

It didn’t matter much to me though, because I spent a lovely day inside appreciating the little joys that exist around my home.


Sometimes I look online and see very minimal spaces, and I admire those greatly. Minimalism and mindfulness go hand-in-hand, and I want to practice those things to the best of my ability. But to be honest, I collect a lot of things. They are things that make me happy and add character to my space. I don’t think there’s any use in hiding these things, even if you want a good picture, because they are more interesting than plain, blank space sometimes.

It’s been hard to embrace one style. This is the problem I’ve had my whole life. I loved everything so much, I wanted to wear/decorate/be all of it. I can say though that it is very comforting to really decide what sorts of things I enjoy style-wise and then focus on those to create a comfortable and still eclectic space. That usually means a combination of books, vintage and antique details, rustic pieces like wood, and lots of plants.


After enjoying these little parts of my space, I thought it would be nice to put them up on my blog. It’s wonderful to spend a day inside, being grateful for the things that I already have.

And now, what I imagine is also a snippet about what to do when bored (perhaps on a not-so-snowy snow day), a quote from a classic:


“Walk, talk, pull the dead petals from a rose, or fall asleep.”

Virginia Woolf, from The Complete Works, “How to Read a Book,”

Snapshots of June

Snapshots of June


Hello Everyone,

June really snuck up on me. May was my birthday month, and it goes by so quickly that it feels like summer is already here. Incredibly, the warm weather has me now dreaming of autumn, which of course makes no sense. I hate to rush the seasons, but I love the autumn colors so much that I decided to take some photos with warm browns to satisfy myself.

I must say that the one thing I love about the summer is the thunderstorms. We have had such angry rain and thunder lately, and I cozy up inside and scribble in my notebook. I’m cherishing these days that the wind is still a bit cool, because soon we will be sweltering and I’ll be scrambling for the shade.


Some things I’ve been loving lately is looking at color palettes, especially ones inspired by the clouds. Here’s an example!  Color has always been important to me, and I love collecting palettes from paint stores and home stores to cut up and use. Maybe I’ll work on some sort of project with that soon.

I’ve been addicted to this beautiful tumblr account because the forest scenes are so dreamy. The story I’m writing right now has a large part to do with the forest, so the inspiration from this is amazing. Totally recommend checking it out!

I hope everyone has a beautiful June.


Spring Poetry

Spring Poetry


It is the breath of fresh air

Like the first warm April breeze


It is the sweet perfume of newness

Like flowers that have pushed out of the dirt


It is the anticipation an empty glass feels

Before it is finally filled


It is the itching a wick experiences

Waiting for its first burn of fire


It is the comfort of knowing

There will always be a tomorrow to wake to


It is the thing I have been looking for in all my digging

A glimpse of hope

A clean slate.




Hello Everyone,

Something that has become very important to me over the years (and especially over the course of this month) has been positivity in the middle of everyday life. It can be hard to remember that being positive is possible, especially when we are faced with little challenges from the moment we wake up until we are falling asleep. Going through life and through the processes of our tasks can turn into being on auto-pilot, which maybe isn’t negative as much as it is neutral. But something woke me up recently, and I remembered that I am very much alive, not a robot, and I’d like to be fully awake for it. Part of that meant looking at things more positively.

Here’s the thing, when I am more present and aware of what is happening currently, it’s much easier for me to let go of the other stuff. That tends to be the stuff that clogs my brain and makes me second guess things. Being too much in my own head doesn’t allow me to appreciate the idea of anything, let alone appreciate things that are currently happening. Part of that is worrying. I think that if comparison is the thief of joy, than worrying is the thief of positivity. Worrying feels like it is getting so much accomplished, but it only feels that way because it’s hard work, and nothing positive ever comes of it.


Here’s my small and humble tidbit of advice: Create your own positivity and allow it to help you see things for how they really are 

In other news, I have been binge watching The Great British Baking Show, so I have been lusting over cakes and biscuits and pastries. The result is late nights eating lots of key lime pie. I also just finally finished my bedroom, and I am so incredibly pleased with it. I’m hoping to take some more pictures in it now. Waking up to freshly painted walls and clean surfaces is just the thing I needed. Maybe it’s only natural that I am feeling more positive after a room remodel?

“When you start to feel like things should have been better this year, remember the mountains and valleys that got you here. They are not accidents. And those moments weren’t in vain. You are not the same, you are grown and you are growing. You are breathing, you are living. You are wrapped in endless boundless grace. And things will get better. There is more to you than yesterday.”

-Morgan Harper Nichols

In the Depths of a Pine Forest

In the Depths of a Pine Forest


This year, Christmas is involving a lot of family members. We have people coming from across the country to celebrate and join us. I wanted to put together a really beautiful setup that would reflect the whimsical nature of our decor with the woodland scenery where we live. We accomplished this with a fresh garland put down the center of the table and then adding lots of wood elements. The pines are my favorite type of tree, so we have lots of pinecones and little evergreen elements sprinkled around.

Last night, as I was Christmas shopping at the mall on December 23rd (like a crazy person) I was overwhelmed by the commotion and crowds and laughter and yelling. But there was a moment when I looked around at all of us there inside of the mall and realized that each person was individually part of Christmas, all of them taking part of Christmas shopping and existing there with the rest of us, but they were inside of their own world. That was what I wanted to portray this year, a separate world for each family celebrating, coexisting happily while they take part in traditions.

That was why we put a little pie dish cover (we didn’t have a bell jar) over a big slab of wood and filled it with a tiny winter world. We pulled out some fluff for snow and filled it with tiny trees and houses and lights. Even as we were enjoying our night, there was another little world on the table, reminding us that there can always be something separate and special about Christmas for each of us individually, another little place that we can go to where we can find joy amongst the chaos.


I was very happy to be working with fresh greens again like we did for Thanksgiving. My mom always knows where to get the best plants and florals for decorating. Believe it or not, this is only one of our tables. We have two others that are filled with people as well. All of it seems very messy and unpredictable and maybe even stressful, but it is also part of existing. There is beauty in the fact that we are making memories with one another, and we can choose how we handle those memories.


I wish anyone reading this a very Merry Christmas. I hope everyone’s holidays are filled with as much wrapping paper, with as much chaos, and just as much love.

The best thing to remember is that the whole rest of the world is taking time during this season to gather together for one reason or another. This is a special time, a time where our planet is glowing out into the atmosphere. We are lucky to be alive, and we are lucky to be connected with each other.

I think I’m also getting pretty lucky this year with a new record player.

Give someone you love a hug today, or tell them what they mean to you, or maybe even do the dishes. One of those things will get a good reaction. I’m looking forward to a few days off. Let’s enjoy them together.

“Sometimes you will never know

the value of a moment until it

becomes a memory.”

-Dr. Seuss


Tea Time: December Q&A

Tea Time: December Q&A


Hello Everyone,

The chill is in the air, and I thought it was time for another fun Q&A. I love doing these mainly because it reminds me about my favorite parts of the upcoming seasons. Feel free to use this tag on your own blog/youtube channel/tumblr.

Do you ever travel abroad/away from home for Christmas?

I have only traveled away for Christmas once, and it was to stay with my family in California. And honestly, it just wasn’t the same.

The truth is, New England is so beautiful in the fall and winter that I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. My family is here and it is such a classic Christmas and winter scene where I live. However, I am very curious about holiday seasons in Scandinvia, Iceland, and Canada. These places have landscapes that are so inspiring to me, and I would love to see them in winter. I also know they are quite harsh in the winter! But it’s quite cold here as well.

With the farmland, old buildings, and forests of New England, I feel very happy here for Christmas. It is picturesque and wonderful.

Favorite Starbucks holiday drink?

I love walking into a Starbucks in the winter and ordering a peppermint hot chocolate. I love all of the other wonderful drinks there, but having caffeine is out of the picture for me, and the others are very rich. A classic hot chocolate is warm and sweet and fresh.

To be honest though, having a Starbucks drink has been a treat for myself. Not only are they very expensive, but they are full of sugar, which makes them delicious, but also makes me kind of sluggish. Instead, we have been buying the K-cup versions and having them at home. It seems like a huge deal to me. Sometimes if we are really going for it, we put whipped cream and sprinkles on top. And that is how most of my crazy weekends start.

Favorite Christmas book?

A Christmas Carol is a classic, and we read it every year.


Christmas Movie?

I will always love Elf. Zooey Deschanel is my favorite actress and this movie is a classic. We are planning when we want to watch it this year! You can’t go wrong with this movie.

Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

Yes, we do.

Thanksgiving is mainly the time that our family comes together and has a grand meal together. We don’t have that many traditions (except my pie-making) but we have a great time. There are a lot of things surrounding this holiday that are quite controversial. But we choose to spend the time enjoying family, staying away from any political or religious topics, and eating delectable food. I like to pretend that I’m eating the feast at Hogwarts.

For me, Thanksgiving is the green light that I can go into full-on Christmas mode.

Favorite person to share the holidays with?

Is my dog a good answer for this? I will say my dog and my mom.


Do you have turkey at your Christmas dinner?

Yes, but to be honest, I don’t really care about Christmas dinner. To me, it’s all about our Christmas Eve dinner. We have it at our house and we make multiple huge lasagnas and loads of pasta. This is where our Italian heritage really shines.

Worst gift you’ve ever given?

When I was younger I went through my mom’s jewelry box and then picked out a necklace and put it in a box and gave it to her. Needless to say, she knew it was hers, but hey, I was very little and I had no money!

Favorite Christmas treats?

I really love making sugar cookies and then frosting them in fun ways. Me and my brother have been making loads and loads of cookies every Christmas season. We absolutely love how they come out and they are so much fun to create. There are amazing frosting ideas online, but ours never turn out that beautiful.

I also enjoy making Italian Christmas cookies. We do this at my Nonnie’s house every year. I remember watching Charlie Brown movies while my mom decorated in the other room. Now, I am in charge of sprinkles.


I hope you enjoyed these questions! They are just a few fun things to get you excited for the holiday season. Mainly, I wanted to take some more wintery pictures. Feel free to reuse the questions.

If you want to see what else I’m up to, you can check out my Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest!

Talk to you soon,