“Do you ever get the feeling that all your life is going by…”


Hello Everyone,

Over the weekend I visited my friends who live out near Boston. We embarked on an adventure, that is, walking the grounds of an abounded mental institution. The area of Medford State Hospital is actually now turned into a park, but you aren’t allowed in any of the buildings. It was a beautiful day to walk amongst the ruins with two very cute pups. If any of this looks familiar to you, there were some areas that were filmed for Shutter Island!

It was strange to imagine this place filled with people, as it is so quiet and in disarray. There were shattered windows and some fear of asbestos, but we kept our distance from those things.


As you can see, a lot of the grounds were beautiful grasses and trees.

We are hoping that there will be some renovations done here, as the buildings are so beautiful and ancient looking. It truly is the perfect backdrop for a horror film.

There is a beautiful peaceful feeling to walk where many people once lived, and even died. It was sometimes mysterious, looking into the windows and imagining who used to look out of them onto those streets. And we were not the only ones there! Couples, groups of friends, and other dogs roamed the area. It was an interesting sense of community, a feeling of sharing but also of separateness.


Look at this adorable little puppy, named Piper, and the newest addition to my friend’s family. If you’ve ever been to this area, let me know what your thoughts are!

Talk to you soon,


Tea Time | Gardening, Writing Groups, & Poetry Blogs


Hello Everyone,

I am writing this as I sit outside on our back patio. It isn’t necessarily warm, but it’s not cold out either.

I started thinking about how it’s almost been a year since I graduated from college. That is a strange feeling, as I wish that I had done a little bit more or had a more accomplished job by now. It started feeling like things were exactly the same as they were a year ago.

But, I got a new job, I’ve been published twice, and I’ve given my first official talk at a bookstore, so I am feeling slightly productive at this current moment in time.


Some of my ventures for the summer to keep me moving forward are:

  1. Start and maintain a successful garden
  2. Go to more writing groups in my area
  3. Start my own poetry blog

Let me know what your summer resolutions are, and I will be back here soon!


“I see the turning of a leaf dancing in an Autumn sun” |Newport Trip|


I think one of my favorite things about Newport is the homes. And while The Breakers is a huge mansion unattainable by most standards, the craziest part about it is that at one time, it was simply someone’s home.

The other houses in Newport are fascinating too. They are all unique, boasting something different. They have differing windows and arches. The colors of them on the day I shot these were wonderful. My favorite colors are browns and grays, and all of this looked perfect with the overcast sky. I was swearing a big scarf to keep me warm and it certainly felt like October. Rhode Island in the fall is magical.


The sea was beautiful too.

My new camera was able to pick up so much detail, and I am so so happy that I decided to bring it on our trip.


The comparison of The Breakers (grandiose, stone, castle-like) and the other small houses around it are startling. But the tiny cottages sprinkled around the coast are just as charming with their stone chimneys and little gardens. I had just as much fun taking pictures on the street as I did near the mansions.


Going back to Newport reminded me of when I was much younger. I haven’t been back in many years, and when I had gone back, we didn’t get to see all of this. I remember when my father lived down there and we would go into downtown at night before Starbucks closed. We strolled through the galleries again to see the new artists that have emerged.

I gained a lot of inspiration from this trip. Not only did the pictures come out good, but I had an idea for a story. As you may know, National Novel Writing Month is in November and I am participating! I was lingering around the story I wanted to write because I couldn’t decide on a location. I think I’ve made my decision now.


I truly had a wonderful trip walking by the sea and bundling up against the wind. There is something wonderful about October, especially in this place. Old meets the new and people of all types can be found enjoying it together.

Have you ever been to Newport? Let me know your favorite places to go. We love Ma’s Donuts, we go every single time we’re in town. We also ate at Benjamin’s in Downtown and I had the best Haddock of my life. I’ll be remembering this trip for a long time.

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“She Had Thought That Autumn Air Went Well With Books”


I went for a hike with an old friend last week, and I realized that reconnecting with old friends is like opening up a beloved book that you haven’t touched in years.

Seeing as we hadn’t talked in awhile, we spent a lot of time catching up. But after that layer had been peeled away, we were ourselves, and we were enjoying each other’s company, no matter how different our lives have become. To me, this is the season of new beginnings, and it felt very symbolic to be spending time with someone who I had known for so long but hadn’t seen in awhile.


I hope that every once in awhile you can also reconnect with a good friend and spend hours spilling your hearts out. Or, at the very least, opening up that beloved forgotten book.

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I picked up this blush-colored blouse about a year ago on a trip to TJMaxx. I love the detailing, it’s so intricate and gorgeous. I think the pattern is very vintage-inspired and I love how it gives an antique feel. Because it’s sheer, it’s perfect for summer. I kept trying to wear this in the fall and winter with leather jackets and it was just too thin to keep me warm! I especially enjoy the color if it against my navy skirt.



Thoughts on blush for summer?

Talk to you soon,




It seems like the easiest thing for me to wear for the hot summer months besides the uniform of shorts and a t-shirt are skirts and a t-shirt. I’ve been trying to switch up the combination with different tops. This one is tried and true. I got it such a long time ago that the label in the back is worn and I have no idea where it’s from. But I love wearing it with my black skirt, and my jean skirt goes just as well. The lace that hangs off the shoulders gives the illusion of a t-shirt, but it’s light and airy.


Also, I’m debuting my short hair on here!

A few weeks ago, I cut off all my hair. Well, I cut off eight inches of hair. That’s kind of a lot. I wanted something new and different than I’ve ever done before, and I love this length.

There’s some caramel highlights in there too, which were a bit hard to put in but were worth it. My hair was so dark before that lifting the color took a few hours. I’m amazed at the difference of effort that goes into styling it now. Last night I took a shower and blow dried it, as well as straightened it, and it took me (in all) about an hour.


As I was taking these pictures, I looked down and saw the most precious little mushroom that I’ve ever seen (probably). We don’t get a lot of mushrooms with color around where I live. I had to fight many mosquitoes to get my camera to focus on it the right way and actually take a picture, but it was worth it. It was very tiny, so I’ll have to go back in a little while to see if any more have grown. It looked like the beginnings of some were sprouting.

I took these in the woods behind my house and it made me wonder why I’d never attempted to take more pictures there. I got eaten alive by mosquitoes but the backdrop is wonderful. Next time I’ll consider it for an outfit post.

I’m still waiting on a rainy day for more outdoor pictures, and tomorrow might be the day. There’s apparently a big storm coming so I’ll do my best to go out and shoot. Also, my plants will be very happy! I’ll be announcing another project coming up soon as well. It’ll be a kind of longer-term thing that any readers can join in on.

What have you guys been up to? Let me know how your weeks have been and how your plants are holding up. Is it as dry where you live? I’m looking for some more opportunities for pictures of fog. If you have any inspiration for foggy/misty pictures, let me know! I love finding new blogs and tumblrs, etc to inspire me.