Made for Walkin’


Hello Everyone!

I am in the middle of clearing out my room and my closet of all things I no longer need. Spring has arrived early for me, as in, spring cleaning and de-cluttering. Compartmentalizing what I use and don’t use has helped me decide what are my absolute favorite things to wear. I thought I would make a collection of all of my favorite shoes right now. These are the shoes that carry me through my day, the things that stay firmly on my feet while I fly around my many projects. Hopefully soon I will be able to wear them without tights or very thick socks.


I have to say, shoes are a lot more sentimental than I thought they were. Sometimes I put on a pair of shoes and remember wearing them last season or a year ago and I remember the trials and errors of my life at that time. They can make you remember things you swore you forgot.

I had one of my dearest friends over my house this weekend and she wore her pair of black vans. This morning after eating breakfast I looked down at her shoes that she had slipped off somewhere near the table and remembered in the fall when it was just starting to get cool outside and I was at her house in New Hampshire and I had no appropriate shoes to wear. She let me slip them on while we drove ourselves to get my first tattoo.

As I looked down at the shoes which were now in my kitchen, I could almost feel the ache on my wrist where my tattoo lives, and I remembered the experience so vividly . It reminded me that I should take care of these accessories, because they literally carry me through my life, and they collect memories with me.


Leave some shoe stories below! What are your favorites? What memories do they hold?

“Keep your eyes on the stars,

and your feet on the ground “

-Teddy Roosevelt


Simple Spring | 5 Minute Makeup Look

Since I’ve moved back home, I’ve been trying my very best to be good to my skin. I actually stopped wearing makeup for about a week to try and clear up my face, and when I am using makeup, I’ve been doing a super quick and simple routine.


The only makeup I’ve been bothering with is a primer, a light layer of foundation, concealer, one shade of eye shadow, eye liner, and a swipe of bronzy blush. I hadn’t worn makeup in a few days before I put this on, and when I finally put on my foundation, I was amazed at how smoothly it applied. As for concealer, I didn’t have to cover much up except under my eyes, which I just applied quickly and then blended with my fingers. If you have extra time, you can apply powder too, but since this was a quick look, I didn’t bother with it.


I like using this bronze blush (Trace Gold by MAC) because it acts as a highlighter as well. I apply it high on my cheeks and make sure to blend to make it look very natural. Because there is a sheen to the color, it makes it look like a subtle highlight on top of the cheeks. This color is also great for spring because it makes you look just a little less pale. I ran it down my neck as well and tried to make it all blend together.


I used the color Hustle from my Naked Palette all over my lid. After packing it on, I took a fluffy brush and really blended so that the gorgeous reddy-brown color looked light on my lids.


I took my skinny eyeliner and did a quick swipe with a slight wing on the ends. It’s a lot easier to work with than a liquid liner and is much easier to fix. I find it takes me much less time!

Working with a more simple makeup routine has really made my mornings more manageable. When you need an idea for a quick makeup look for everyday, this is my favorite go-to. I’m excited to start using some cream blushes for spring, which also seem quick to me. I’ll be sure to tell you how I get on with them.



Everyday Spring Get-Ready Routine


It seems like spring is finally here! With the warmer weather comes a new routine for me, beauty and fashion-wise. I’ve been trying out some new products and love the way they’ve worked for the new season. Some of these things are cosmetics, like the Au Naturale palette that includes a lip color, blusher, and cream eyeshadow. For some reason, when spring comes, I really enjoy cream formulations for everything more, probably because it makes my skin look dewey.


One new product I tried out and loved with the cream blusher in that palette, called “Palermo.” It’s actually quite orange, and I was hesitant with a color like that, and I surprisingly loved it!


As for hair, I’ve been straightening it a lot more, which means I’m straightening it more than once every 3 months. Generally, my hair is pretty hard to straighten because it holds lots of moisture and it’s thick, so I need to blow dry it and straighten it right after showering. I’ve been using this new stay-in conditioner by Davines that’s called “All In One Milk.” It’s actually a spray, which is different from what I’ve used before. I just spray it onto my hair before blow drying and straightening, and it made my hair so silky and shiny that my friends actually said, “What did you use on your hair?!” Not to mention, this stuff smells amazing, and I’m looking into getting the full size.


Since my hair is usually curled, it’s nice to start straightening it more because it feels like a slight change to my style. It’s almost like when Meg Ryan in The Women went through her transformation and started wearing her beautiful hair straight as she tackled all the problems in her life. Only, I’m not getting a divorce, I wasn’t fired by my father, and I don’t have a daughter who hates me (or a daughter in general). I guess we’ll leave that to the cinemas.


Since it’s still kind of chilly (because, New England) I’ve been wearing this khaki-colored military jacket. It’s a great neutral and it’s softer than wearing a leather jacket all the time.


What is your spring beauty routine? I’m curious to know what products your using.

Talk to you soon,


Embellished Collar | OOTD


I got this collar about three years ago at the Yankee Candle Factory Store in Deerfield, MA. It was before I was going off to college and while it was very expensive, my mom bought it for me because I said it was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen (and it was). It has an assortment of buttons, jingles, and knick-knacks all sewn on, and it latches in the front, so it can go any shirt you want.


The top of the fabric is actually a black lace, and the bottom is a thick felt that keeps it on straight, no matter what fabric you’re placing it over. I’ve worn it to formal events, and I’ve dressed it down as well. There is something timeless about it, probably because it looks like it’s from another time. It’s quirky, and every time I wear it, I got many compliments from people who ask where I would find such a thing. I love it, because it makes a plain outfit a bit more fantastic, and I love it because it reminds me of the day when me and my mom first laid our eyes on it. I hope I can cherish it for a long, long time.


In other news, you can see here that I’m having a love affair with gold. As the sun is filtering through my windows, I am encourage to stack on gold rings, bracelets, necklaces, and I can see that a lot of my other favorite items have hints of it as well.


I’m getting ready to bring all my plants home from my dorm and safety back to my house. It seems strange, since the only home they have known is in Boston. It feels odd that they will soon be sitting on our porch or in my bedroom. They are tiny, living reminders of the time I’ve spent at school, and for that, I am grateful. Looking around my dorm and knowing I only have a week and a half left in it, I admired all the collected items that have accumulated, and I feel bittersweet that they’ll have to move to. But everything changes, and I’m happy for the transition that’s coming.



Let me know what you are up to, and what plants you are planning on getting for summer. So many nurseries are opening soon as Mother’s Day is approaching, and I’m already planning where we will plant things. I can’t wait!


Under The Same Sun | Color Focus: Silk


Taking a break from Grays, I’m feeling a bit more romantic with the warm weather coming up. This made me dream of gorgeous warm colors, and my favorite of all of these is silk. Silk is like a pale peachy-pink that is comforting and beautiful in so many settings. It’s the color of sunsets, the color of candlelight on some old books. It’s a beautiful shade full of life and passion.



Let me know what you think about this color and what other colors are inspiring you at the  moment. I love hearing about what hues make people happy.


Coming Up Roses | Royal Rose Hydrating Serum Review


Recently I started using this Royal Rose Hydrating Serum by the brand Valentia that I am now obsessed with. Before this point, I had actually never owned or used a serum. A lot of them were very expensive, and I had no way of knowing if they would actually work. This, however, does work wonders and I’m so glad to introduce it into my beauty routine. Since it’s alcohol free, paragon free, and uses 98% natural ingredients, it is a very trusted product to be putting on your face. Also, for those of you who check for these things, they are also 100% cruelty free.


When I first started using this, I actually made the mistake of thinking it was also a moisturizer because that’s how creamy and hydrating it felt on my skin. I use one pump, (although if my skin is feeling extra dry I use two) and smooth it all over my face after I’ve cleansed in the morning and at night. After letting the serum dry, I put on my normal moisturizer.


The best thing I’ve noticed about my skin after using it is that I don’t have patches of dry skin on the sides of my face near my ears the way that I used to, and as soon as I put this product on, I can tell that it’s working.


Another great thing about this is that it seems to soothe my irritated skin, especially if I have some sort of breakout.

I am really impressed with this product and I am even considering buying more from this company because of the way my skin feels. If you want to check out their brand, visit their website here. You can also buy the product through Amazon here.


-Heather (With a much more hydrated face)



I’m here doing another color focus, this time with another shade of gray (shocking!). I know this might be repetitive, but there are many shades of gray (insert pun here) and I love understanding each of them. Timberwolf is a shade that has a bit more taupe in it, differing from French Gray because it lacks those violet tones in it. Instead, it is slightly green, and a little bit more dull. Don’t think for a second that means that it’s lackluster, because it’s actually a very beautiful tone.


This color reminds me of the perfect overcast day in spring, right before the rain, when you know a storm is coming. I’m excited for those days since the winter hasn’t thawed away yet. It’s a lush, energetic feeling that can be captured in Timberwolf. It’s ever-present in nature (hence the name). But I did my best to capture it in the tone of these pictures.


This color has a vintage feel, the timeless shade of an era. It’s in the sky, in old silver, in aged wood. I placed these amazing flowers into this silver vessel, and I watched the way the green sprigs were reflected against the gray. It changes it’s color. It brings some life into it’s tone.


This color is stunning to me, and I’ve noticed that I’m drawn to these slightly dreary colors. Of course to me, they are beautiful, but the pattern is that they tend to not be incredibly vibrant. I’m hoping I’ll have time to explore some new places on a foggy day to capture more colors like this.


A quote I’ve been thinking about:

“Sometimes I wonder if my whole life will pass by this way: me waiting in the shadows, waiting for something to happen. Waiting for someone else to make it happen. Something new or different or crazy and amazing. I‘ve been there for so long, letting everyone else figure it out for me, floating along without much direction or conscious thought. Reacting.”
— Sarah Ockler, Fixing Delilah