Nemoricultrix: Forest Haunting


I came across this Latin word: Nemoricultrix. It is someone who haunts the woods, she that dwells in the woods. With the current story I am working on, this was a perfect thing to stumble upon. Interestingly enough, when you look up with word, there is also a lot of information about a species of frogs. Either way, I am into it. I’m trying to enjoy the lush greenery before fall comes and wipes it all away.


I’m wishing I had spent more of summer outside. I did a lot of other things, but I really should have been collecting more flowers and plants and such. It’s not too late though, there are many beautiful things in bloom right now, ripe for the picking. Now that I’m getting more antiquated with botanical illustration, I’m much more interested in collecting things on my walks. I’m looking into ways to dry things and preserve them properly. Right now, my only method is pressing things in a a very large dictionary.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for saving some of the plants that I’ve collected. I’m eager to document how I see these plants changing into the fall. Besides that, I’ve been spending my time scribbling poetry and stamping books at the library, which isn’t a bad way to spend the end of your summer.

Talk to you soon,



Tea Time | Midsummer’s Eve


Hello Everyone,

Midsummer’s Eve is upon us (at least, where I am).


Here is a poem I wrote in celebration of the longest day of the year.


Time suspends

until it stretches above us

invisible, above our heads

watching, watching

— as we take shelter from the sun

— as we pick sweet flowers from trees

— as we nod off lazily after a long day.

We continue, unaware

that time is passing

all we know is

— the quick relief of cold, fresh water

— the saturation from the vibrant, summer world

— the feeling of smiling, of laughing

and time continues,



I hope everyone has a wonderful, full day. The days will slowly grow shorter now.

I’ll talk to you soon,


“She loved the moors…she found in the bleak solitude many and dear delights.”


Hello Everyone,

I write this from a Starbucks where I am drinking a “midnight mint mocha” which is basically a genius drink. The rain has finally stopped, and the weather is beautiful again. I took a few shots the other day that I wanted to share, and now I’m getting around to it.

I am feeling very good about the things happening in my life lately. There is a lot of hard work, but there is also a lot of inspiration. Isn’t it wonderful to feel inspiration after a long period of nothingness?


I hope you are all having a nice long weekend if you are celebrating any holidays. I will be looking through recipes to make a nice fresh dessert for a party we are having tomorrow. I also think a tag sale might be in order soon, as the weather is cooperating, and we have lots of excess stuff. All of my minimal living has been telling me to shed the clutter. What are all of yours plans for the coming summer months? Hopefully some nice vacations!

If you’d like to see what else I’m up to, you can catch up with me on Instagram and Tumblr!


May Favorites


May is already started to come to it’s end, which is crazy! My birthday is at the end of this month, and I have been enjoying a few things that I thought I would share with you. This has been a very busy month, filled with happy and sad things. I hope everyone is as happy and safe as they can be. I am enjoying lots of time with family and friends and the beautiful weather! We got a new patio with a gazebo, and I’ve been lounging under there.

I’ve listened to a lot of new music, read a lot of new material, and watched lots of new things. The summer laziness is starting to gain on me, as I’ve been relaxing into new TV shows and binge-watching them. I’ve also been gathering plants for gardening and keeping in my greenhouse. This truly is the time of year where everything is blooming. I am so pleased with all the flowers that are blossoming everywhere.

I’ve also been writing up a storm, and recently, it’s been a lot of poetry. Maybe the warmer weather is convincing me to be more romantic. But I’ve been working on the one story I’ve been working on for awhile. Writing should probably be in here for one of my favorites, but it is also what I strive to do for a living, so it feels silly to include it. My journal is surely running out of room, though.



Kinfolk Magazine- This has always been one of my favorite magazines, but I’ve been revising my old editions again. There is something beautiful and comforting about this publication, and I highly recommend reading it!

Harry Potter Notebook- My friend got me this for Christmas and I am still waiting to write in it, though I’ve been using it in many pictures!


Through the Dark by Alexi Murdoch- I started listening to this artist recently, and this has been one of my favorites by him. This song in particular is so strange because it starts very slow and moody, but I can listen to it no matter what state of mind I’m in. The whole thing is beautiful and I put it on all my playlists!

Let me know what you’ve been up to this month as well! A lot has been happening, and I think it’s a time for community and love. Please message with any thoughts on any of the things mentioned above.

“That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover

that your longings are universal longings, that you’re not lonely

and isolated from anyone. You belong.”

-F. Scott Fitzgerald

Late Summer | OOTD


Hello everyone,

So, even though I am pretending it is fall, in the Northeast it certainly still is summer. After sorting through my sweaters and boots, getting them all ready to be warm, I was facing 85 degree days still. I’m basically trying to stay cool and still transition my outfits into fall.

The easiest way for me to do this is to wear the most basic colors, black and white, and a few grays and browns.


Also, I’m trying to wear my brown strappy sandals some more before it’s too cold. I didn’t wear these enough this summer and they deserve some love. Since they are brown, they are so basic and go with just about everything.


Outfit Details

Shirt- American Eagle 

Skirt- Target

Sandals- DSW

Shamrock necklace- Gifted

Bangle- Kate Spade


Also, just because it was toasty outside does not mean I stopped rooting for Autumn. Yes, this is a hot chocolate. I can’t help it, I want to be cold in order to snuggle up and be cozy for the next season already! All I’ve been doing is looking at witchy/spooky fall pictures on Tumblr. It’s so addicting, so I’ve been trying some of mine own (wood slices and Harry Potter books seem to work best).

The rest of today is going to be a whirlwind of working and applying for jobs, but I’m happy I got some time in to take these pictures. By the way, this is a new and shiny camera that I bought myself over the weekend, and I am literally in love (who needs romantic partners when you have a camera this nice?).

I hope that everyone is enjoying the beginnings of September. I’m hoping that my next outfit post will be something involving scarves or boots, but that might be getting ahead of myself. I finished Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and I’ll be doing a review on here soon. In the meantime, does anyone have a few suggestions for spooky or cozy books to read for September? I’m itching for something new but I think I’m in a reading rut. Let me know!

Last side note, I will be hopefully rearranging my room, and it’s all for better photo-taking opportunities. Is this crazy? I just feel as though the current setup isn’t very aesthetically pleasing in pictures. In person it is beautiful, but the light comes in pretty weak in my photos. Maybe moving my bed and getting a nice big and white duvet will help. Let me know some room ideas!




Crop tops aren’t the easiest thing to wear. You need one that hits you at the right place, and you need some sort of bottoms that also hit you at the right place. It can be a complicated equation. It sounds easy, but sometimes it’s not.

I’ve been pairing this front-tied crop top with my black denim skirt from Target. I got the top for very cheap at TJMaxx a little while ago. I’m pleased with how it looks! Both of them hit around the same place, making it very comfortable to wear.

In other news, it’s been down pouring where I live. Remember when I was complaining about how dry everything was? We now have the exact opposite problem. But all the leaves are dewey and glistening, and I’m happy they’re getting some moisture. It seems that the sky cleared for a bit of time for me to take these pictures. I got lucky!


“I loved to sleep with the windows open. Rainy nights were

the best of all: I would open the window and put my head on

the pillow and close my eyes and feel the wind on my face

and listen to the trees sway and creek…” 

-Neil Gaiman


Sunshine and a Hint of Silver


Hello everyone!

I went to a little antique shop in my town (it claims to be the oldest in town as well) and took a few pictures. I haven’t browsed in a shop like this for a long time and it was wonderful to see all of the old treasures. Sometimes these places really inspire, showing you a glimpse of another era. Everything there tells a story. The pieces exude character and personality.


Look at this amazing unicycle. Before now, I’m not sure I’ve ever even seen one in person!


What are your favorite places to shop for antiques? Let me know your favorite things to buy there as well. I find wonderful old books in antique shops. Right now, I’m on the lookout for vintage postcards.

Talk to you soon,


A Day Braving The Heat


So, it’s pretty hot out. As I’m writing this, it’s a muggy, rainy day, but the day that these pictures were taken was a sunny, dry, very hot day. I had forgotten about these pictures and I thought it’d be nice to put them up. A few days ago I actually took a little break from blogging and going on social media because it’s the dead of summer and I just wanted to have a few days of distance from it all. It reminded me of when I was young and on school vacation.


Another thing about this very hot day that I experienced, it also brought back the memory of when I was first in my dorm last fall. I remember it was so hot that we were sweating with all the windows thrown open. I bought a little fan from Target, but it was no use. I was ready for fall clothes and the weather had other plans for me. I was looking at my board (that is now by my bed) and saw all my pictures and memories from school. It made me come to the realization that I would not be returning to school in the fall, like I have every year since I was four years old!

That was a pretty weird feeling for me.


Here’s the other thing thought: I’m working on a lot of great things. And for once I can experience fall and have fun with the season without worrying about school. I’ve got a lot of great projects going on, I’m working with my mom and creating wonderful things, and I’m picking up a lot of new hobbies. I’m looking forward to the next chapter, which is inevitable. Yes, in the middle of the summer, I was anticipating (and reminiscing) about fall.

My mom bought these amazing daisies for my friend Daisy who came to stay with us. The colors are beautiful, aren’t they? My mom is the flower queen, and she’s always bringing fresh florals and plants home with her. It’s because of her that this blog has any flowers in it at all.

I thought the striking colors of these were jaw-dropping. It’s the perfect shot of what summer looks like to me.

How are you bearing through the heat? I know everyone is going through crazy weather patterns right now. Our area is actually in a drought! I live in New England, so that’s a bit strange.


“When you do things from your soul,

you feel a river moving in you,

a joy.”